Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fun reading blogs – Soup – Penny Rugs

I haven’t had a lot of computer time this past week and have missed visiting my friends..please know that I do get to you eventually…there are just so many of you that I love.
I do want to thank everyone who visits me and leaves such sweet comments…I only wish we could get BLOG CONVENTION going so we could all meet one day…how fun would that be – but it would have to be in a location with lots of Prim shopping because there isn’t much around me!  So who’s up for organizing!!!!

Oh…remember I said about the new ‘gadget’ for getting notice of new blog posts…well I unsubscribed because they come to my e-mail more than a day late notice…some even later than that …not sure why it takes so long to get notice.  But it’s a great idea huh?

Before anything today I need/want to say A HUGE THANK YOU TO DAN OVER AT ‘YESTERDAY ONCE MORE’…

I WON HIS DRAWING FOR A YEARS SUBSCRIPTION OF ‘A PRIMITIVE PLACE COUNTRY JOURNAL AND MAGAZINE’….how fun is that…THANK YOU SO MUCH DAN AND THANK YOU ‘JEFF’ FOR DRAWING MY NAME…and funny thing is a couple years ago he drew my name for a gift Dan was giving away over at the Country Sampler forum…I will look forward to receiving my subscription…YEAHHHH.

APP Spring Cover

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I also have got my special gifts together for Angie…she sent me the quilt tops and extra surprises…I won’t show you what it is…I’ll let her do it and I do think she will like it – I’m pretty sure I got her style correct and chose some things she’ll love.  So watch for it this next week Angie!!!

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Been busy working on new designs this week…one of the reasons I’ve been away from the computer.
I think I fell in love with this the minute I started cutting it out.  I call it “Ewe Following Me?”
It measures a great 12 inches around and the sheep are pure felted wool…so puffy
You can see it also on the left sidebar and click on it to go to the site.
Sheep Lamp Mat name

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So this is Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow…well, needless to say I’m not rooting with all my heart for any particular team being my Packers BLEW IT!!!!
But I did make a big pot of Bean with Ham soup and some Cranberry Walnut Bread…hope I can hold off till Sunday to eat it!
Bean with ham soup 

Cranberry walnut bread 

Cranberry walnut bread cut


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Actually I probably can hold off eating this until tomorrow evening because this evening we are going to a ‘50’s Diner’ to celebrate our grandson Joe’s 12th birthday…he loves this restaurant so that’s were we’re all meeting.
Joe 2

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Oh something else I’m working on are Traditional Penny Rugs…still need to put a backing on it but I love the colors in it.

In the process of deciding what color combinations to use
penny rug lay out 

Stitching in progress (need to trim the upper left penny…looks wonky!)
penny rug stitching

penny rug finished 2 


Amish knitting circle

Oh I had so much fun this week finding new Amish reading for my Kindle…I searched for ‘free Amish books on Kindle’ and some came up for free but there was a whole series…8 to be exact called “Amish Knitting Circle”…they were only .99 cents each! I bought them all…they are very short…only takes me less than an hour to read a book but they all flow into each other for one big story – basically each one is a chapter…I love them and quick reading.

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See ya…enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday…



  1. Congrats on winning Dan's giveway Karen.

    I LOVE that sheep penny rug oh my word that is awesome!

    YUM on the soup and bread

    Happy Birthday to Joe

    Have a great weekend

  2. Love your penny rugs! Happy Birthday to Joe!

    I struggle to keep up with my many great folks out there!

    I so want to create a convention to gather all our blogger friends. I daydream about it! If I win the lottery...everyone is coming to some lovely hotel where we have great food, great crafting, and great laughs!

    Have a super weekend!

  3. Hi Karen: Sounds like you've had a busy week! Congrats on the win! Lots of fun reading ahead for you. The cranberry bread is making my mouth water! Have fun celebrating with the family! ~Roberta

  4. What a super win - a year's subscription to one of the best prim magazines!
    I really love the traditional penny rug - so,so pretty!
    Enjoy your soup - if I were in your kitchen there'd be no bread left!!!
    Best wishes

  5. Oh Karen I do love reading your blog!!! All your goodies look so homey and good.
    I love you penny rug but most of all that Sheep is really, really cute! Love it!
    And now I'm hungry for soup and bread. Your cranberry bread looks soooooooo scrumptious.

    Feathers in the Nest

  6. I just love the new sheep.I don't get into football so much but do like the commercials and your family dinner out.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. OK I just LOVE all of your penny rugs. Your stitches are always perfect. One day I will sit down and try one like the last one.

    Congrats on your year's subscription!!

    Happy Birthday to Joe!

  8. I'm happy you won!
    This whole post is just wonderful, happy birthday Joe! The bread looks goo, mmm, the soup too! I just love the penny rug. The sheep mat is just so great, one of the best designs I've seen so far!

  9. Congratulations on the win. Your little sheep candle mat is just darling. Your grandson is verY cute too. Aren't grandchildren the best?

  10. Congrats on winning a year's subscription to APP! Kristine does such a fabulous job putting it together!
    I LOVE your sheep penny mat!, it's absolutely adorable!! I love the traditional one as well! You do beautiful work!
    Your Super Bowl dimmer looks scrumptious, especially the cranberry bread! Yum!
    Enjoy your dinner with your grandson! Happy birthday to Joe! He shares a birthday with my oldest daughter, Brittney.

    Take care, Kris

  11. Karen, I always enjoy your posts and comments. The penny rugs are wonderful and the soup is delicious looking.

    Congrats on the magazine win. Kristine is really making a great magazine.


  12. Love that penny mat. Cranberry bread is my favorite. My mother used to make it at Thanksgiving and Christmas and I would take it to school and we would read Crnaberry Thanksgving/Christmas, which ever it was.

  13. Oh, my goodness, "Are Ewe Following Me" is beautiful and adorable, too.
    Karen, your penny rug is beautiful,
    too. You've been so busy. Everything is wonderful. I know what you mean about the notification gadget. I get the email or newsletter a day after the blog post date. No good!
    It's so nice that you won the subscription. I enjoy this new mag so much.

  14. Karen, Thank you so much for your prayers-I KNEW I would hear from you.I will be posting soon for an update--I'm so tired now. Your sheep penny will be a big seller-just adorable.So pleased I have "met" you.-Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill

  15. Karen, OH your food looked good!
    YUMMY! Your penny rugs and everything is so sweet,,,,You are a talented lady.....Enjoy the game and that yummo looking food!

  16. Thanks Karen for always stopping by to see me and leaving such sweet words!

    Oh my gosh those beans and ham look so good. I would have had to steal a taste. :)

    The penny rugs are gorgeous. You are so talented.

    Happy Birthday Joe!


  17. Lovely post as always. Congratulations for the subscription, you are so lucky. Love the penny rug, beautiful piece.

  18. I just bought a Nook, and I'll have to see if the Amish books are available to me. Thanks for the tip. Love your penny rugs.

  19. Great post Karen, love all your updates on what you've been doing. Your penny rug designs are beautiful, love your work. Enjoy your super bowl sunday!!

  20. Karen~
    Congrats on the win~
    Great work on the pennies~ pretty~
    yummy food~ have a great Super Bowl Sunday

  21. Karen that soup looks yummy! My son Billy turned 13 on February 2nd! Gonna check out the new amish fiction too! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  22. Congratulations on your win. That looks like a great magazine!
    Your penny run is adorable!! 'Ewe' did a beautiful job on it. :-)
    I hope Joe had a great birthday...sweet smile. Katie will be 14 on Tuesday. How time flies!
    Hope you have a great week.

  23. Looks like magazines, pennys, and the Super Bowl for you this weekend. Congrats on that awesome win. I am happy for you. Have fun tonight. -Steph-

  24. Wow Karen...You have been really busy..Doesn't help that you were reading Amish stories on your Kindle...Soon you will get your Prim mag so you'll really be busy reading!! Reading is one of those things that just takes time...
    I Love the Sheep & matching Penny rug how cute is that...You should have no problem selling those..

    Your Grandson is a handsome young that sparkle in his eyes!!

    thanks for stopping by..gald you got a laugh out of Lisa and the Bowl.. Guess what Last night she went straight for the bowl and fell asleep in it.. I think she's decided the bowl is hers...LOL..

    Have a Great Sunday evening!!


  25. Congrats on winning such a wonderful prize, Karen..
    I so love your sheep pennyrug.. My fave so far... And I love them all but I have a thing for sheep.. smile..
    Your soup looks so good.. I am a soup junkee.. grin..
    Take care, dear friend.. I would love to meet you someday...
    Who knows..

  26. Hi Karen,
    Congrats on winning the subscription to APP - great magazine. You have certainly been busy - I love those penny rugs, especially the last one with all those colors. I know you had a great time celebrating your grandson's birthday. I read those Amish books a few months ago - an enjoyable, easy read.
    Have a blessed week,

  27. Karen:
    Before I forget it.. I want your recipe for Cranberry walnut bread. It looked so yummy and the bean soup... oh my poor tummy wants some.
    I love all your posts and always read with interest.. You have such a lovely family . Your Grandson in the birthday picture is just so downright handsome... started to say cute... but I know boys his age hate that word.. so he's handsome...
    Don't forget the recipe..
    Blessings, my friend,

  28. Oh Karen... your new mat is Adorable.

    And that soup looks so yummy!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  29. Lucky lady to win the give-away! I just love that magazine....I also LOVE the sheep penny rug. Your work is beautiful.

  30. love the simplicity of your penny rug! and the backing fabric... saves on wool! :) really neat.

  31. Don't feel bad Karen ~ I'm always behind in blogland.
    Congrats on your win! Such a wonderful giveaway. I just received my new issue ~ awesome read. I'm not a big soup eater but that bread looks amazing!!!
    Wouldn't it be great if all of us could get together????
    If not everyone there are a couple of us from WI that would love to do some antiquing together. What days work best for you???
    Wonderful creations ~ that is another one of those projects on my list that I have to learn how to do. I think I have to get over the fear of cutting up all that beautiful wool.LOL
    Happy Belated Birthday Joe ~ Hope all your dreams and wishes come true!!!
    Talk to you soon!
    Prim Blessings

  32. A great big blog convention would be so awesome!! I can just see us all talking 90 to nothing to each other while trying to hear what others are saying so we don't miss out on anything, lol!

    Hmm... seems that Jeff has a liking to you. Maybe we better have a talk with him so the rest of us can have a chance at winning, hehe! I saw where you won Dan's giveaway, that is wonderful! I just received my Spring issue in the mail today and here I am blogging instead of drooling over it. What is up with that?!

    Oh Karen, I am beyond excited about receiving a gift from you!! You are one very talented lady! Thank you so much! Even though it's not even here yet, I just want you to know that I love it already, LOL!

    Oh my goodness, your new sheep are absolutely beautiful! The traditional penny is just as beautiful also! I would really love to try this some time. I could stitch those little penny's while waiting in line to pick up the kids from school. Hmm... maybe I can try this when school starts up again in August. Surely I can gather the supplies by then, haha.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Joe! Sounds like a fun place to celebrate! Must be something about teens loving those diners. My teen daughter's favorite restaurant is the 50's diner we have here.

    It's always so nice to stop by for a visit, Karen. I hope you have a fantastic week ahead~

  33. Hi, Karen,
    I was just over at Glen Oaks Primitives and Susan was talking about you being published. Congratulations! How wonderful! :)

  34. I love "Ewe Following Me?" that is so beautiful. I love all of your penny rugs, Karen :)

  35. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!
    I also saw your beautiful rugs in the new Spring Primitive Place magazine. YOU ARE A STAR!!
    How perfectly wonderful for you our Talented Friend.
    Hugs Trace

  36. Karen, My you have been busy... and what a great win, congratulations.
    A belated happy birthday to Jo.

  37. Hi Karen, I read your comment that you left on my blog and Tasha Tudor does have books, not just pictures and she also has cookbooks, I wrote the titles of her books on my blog and then go to amazon and you will find them there.
    She also wrote many children's books as well.
    Hope this helps.

  38. I love your penny rugs Karen..Congratulations on the subscription. I'm going to look up the Amish book series. Thanks for sharing. Mary

  39. Hi, Karen,
    I'm so far behind on reading blogs...I am redoing the dining room and have been busy stripping wallpaper - ugh. I just got my new Primitive Place magazine yesterday and saw the wonderful feature on you. Congrats! I really like your new traditional penny rug that you made...I have a bunch of the pennies all sewn together and am trying to decide where to go now...I don't know if I would like them just sewn together so that you could see through them ... I like how you mounted yours. Finally some cold weather today and a slight dusting of snow ...down in the teens, which we haven't had much of this winter.
    Your Super Bowl bread looked so yummy...too bad about your Packers. I know others from Wisconsin and it seems everybody up there loves the Packers!


  40. Karen ~ Loving both new penny rugs, they are wonderful, with the traditional being my FAV...just love those colors.

    Congrats on you new win over at Dan's....You Lucky girl you. ;)

    Feeling kinda hungry right now...bean soup sounds just wonderful for now with the chill in the air.

    Great post.

    Enjoy your day. <3

  41. I am a soup and bread we need these recipes!!! (Pretty please???) I love, love, love, your new little sheep stinking sweet is that??! Did I say I love it?? ;o) Congratulations on your win from APP....hmmmmm....wonder where my new issue is..... your newest post has me in a conundrum now..... Robin


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