Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who doesn’t like to eat out – I feel honored! – Reds and what-ever!

This has been a busy month so far…I’ve done little in the house but with just the two of us it doesn’t get too bad so a little dusting/vacuuming here and there we’re good to go…and go we have!

Been to Janesville 3 times this month already – visiting my aunt, lunch with friends and a fish fry at a cousins house last night and then a church concert this early evening.  Hoping this week keeps me home and warm and cozy!
Nothing planned for Valentine’s dinner, going to be just another day here but that’s okay too.

Thursday we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant I’ve been wanting to try in Janesville and luck had it that Paula chose that place and it did not disappoint me…but I can’t be a real testament to Mexican food as I always and forever get a Chicken Chimichanga – I seem to be stuck in one mode at these restaurants. But I like them so why not!
Cozumel rest

After we had lunch we went back to their place for dessert – Paula has always had a special way of entertaining and this day was no different. She made a wonderful Chocolate Bread pudding and a Gingerbread – which was made from Martha Washington’s original recipe and goodness it was delicious.
She served them up in little demitasse cups and mini dessert spoons and forks.
This couple lives to restore homes…I’m not sure how many they have restored to date but so far this is my all time favorite…it’s an early 1800’s Cream City Brick – just gorgeous. AND IT’S FOR SALE!
I took photos and will post a TAB at the top later this week when I have time to go through them.  But for now here’s the exterior.
Front of house 2
Side of house1
Side of house
See the arched windows…this used to be the Carriage house…but the doors were gone. Rick had windows made for the openings – isn’t it a beauty!

Star Divider

I was also experimenting with ‘Pennies’ for designs and made a pillow and I’m loving it – the bad thing is that I can’t find the fabric now to make more pillows – glad I have one for myself!!!  It goes so well with one of my chairs don’t you think? And this is made from pure Wool, not the Wool Felt that I use for my other designs.
new pillow 
new pillow up close

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Jody over at Treasured Times Rubber Stamps and Scrapbooking is giving away a rubber stamp if you will post her blog on your site…I chose the sheep – it came yesterday and I can’t wait to use it.
She has several to choose from on this page here:
Kind of difficult to see just what it is so I ‘borrowed’ the line art from her site.
THANKS JODY…you were so quick with sending off my stamp!
Sheep rubber stamp

Star Divider

I want to thank ‘A Primitive Place Magazine and Country Journal’ for something wonderful they did for me. One of the writers, Dan Weaver, wrote an article on Penny Rugs and they used some of my designs as examples…how honored I was…THANK YOU AGAIN!
Penny Rug Article My Colonial Home Feb 2012

Star Divider

You know I’ve been seeing so many wonderful blogs with all their Valentines and hearts on them and I don’t have any…maybe just one or two but not nearly enough to do a post on them so I caught some of my RED’S throughout the house…many of my accents and accessories are red – so Red goes with Valentine’s Day I thought – and I added some olde tyme Valentines in my header - enjoy!
Red group 1 
Red group 2
Red group 3
Red group 4

Star Divider

Something I can’t forget…last night at the Fish Fry there was a dessert to die for!  Now I don’t like that phrase…I rarely use it so forgive me for using it here but it just came out.
One of the guests brought MILKY WAY KRISPIES.
Now mind you, I DO NOT LIKE RICE KRISPY TREATS…never have and never will…these are similar but ALL CHOCOLATE…oh my…you gotta try them.
I brought 2 of them home and cut them in half again…they are sweet and rich so small pieces go a long way.
Milkway bars
Milky Way Krispie's
8 Reg. size Milky Way Bars
1 Cup Butter (2 sticks)
6 Cups Rice Krispie’s
1 12 oz. bag Chocolate Chips
1/2 Cup Butter (1 stick)
Melt 1 cup Butter and candy bars in pan
Stir in Rice Krispies
Pat into 9x13 pan…make sure it’s patted down solid
Melt Chocolate Chips and 1 stick Butter – stir till melted and blended
Immediately spread over bars…cut into squares

Star Divider 
And lastly…a customers Penny Rug all ready to ship. I had to back the runner so that meant I couldn’t leave a frayed edge so it has the blanket stitch all around the edges and it lays much nicer this way too.
The colors are the customers choice…Black/Red/Mustard…I laid it out so many different ways and it just kept looking bright and also not very ‘coordinated’ so I decided to use the black as the base color and work with the other 2 colors for the other pennies…I really love how it turned out.
Customers penny Rug Finished
Closeup pr 


Before I forget…Lynne from Prim Doodles Blog was having a give away on her blog and I won this banner!
You can find her blog here:


Well that’s it…seems I have a lot to chat about tonight…but I will have to be working on orders this week so no time for posting on the blog – guess that’s why I packed it all in this one…I will get to you though and see what’s up in your world.

Blessings to everyone


  1. So happy you were honored....You should be!! And, the colors in the customers penny rug is perfect.. loved how you grounded with the black... Now, I need to add those ingredients for the RICH dessert to my grocery list!! That sounds scrumptious~~

    Have a good week...Blessings,

  2. I hope you only get 1 comment from me, not 9! Not sure how that happened! Anyway, I love your pilllow, your reds, the magazine photos, Go Dan!, and your new stamp & banner! My fellows would love the chocolate treat, if I had them, I would eat them all. I need to "not" make them, wink, wink! Hope you have a great week!

  3. I did see that article in the magazine and I thought I know who that is....well not in person..yet...but through your blog. The photos look great in it. Well done!!

    The Milky Way Krispie slice is very similar to one I do but it is with a Mars Bar and called Mars Bar Slice...yummo!

  4. Karen, sounds like you've been having lots of fun. Your Mexican meal looks wonderful! I love the penny runner with the mustards, red and black. It's beautiful!
    Enjoy your week!

  5. Hi, Karen:
    I love Mexican, too. I was still so tickled when I read the APP again and the article about you. Congratulations again!
    Thanks, and I have to get Milky Way bars now. There goes the diet again.

  6. Okay, number one. I love that house! WOW! How can they sell it?lol Number 2, I love that mat you did. It is the prettiest I have seen. It is perfect.
    Number 3, isn't Lynne the best? She did my banner too.She is so generous with her talent.

  7. Karen ~
    Congrats on the magazine article. I bet you'll be busier than you want to be :)
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that house. I look forward to seeing the pictures.
    I think I gained a pound just reading that recipe. Oh, does that sound good!
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Congrats on being featured in that magazine!!! Wow. What an honor. And we are the same way about restaurants. We have our certain things we eat. It's funny how hard it is to try new things once you find something you love. Love your penny rugs. And thanks for the recipe! Sounds wonderful.

  9. Karen,
    Congrats on being featured in the magazine!!
    Love the house that your friends restored...simply beautiful!!

  10. Hi Karen, So many interesting things in this post. I love the penny pillow. I hope you find the fabric that you need. The customer's penny rug is gorgeous. I absolutely love the colors! And your "Valentine" reds are so pretty. Seems like I always have to have some red shades in my house, too. Thanks for the dessert recipe. We have a gathering coming up and I think I will make that!


  11. I'm like you I usually stick to the same thing at the mexican restaurants ~ probably because I really don't know what the other stuff is ~LOL
    Love your newest creation ~ I would keep it for myself too ~ looks wonderful in that chair.
    Such an honor to be featured in a magazine. Congratulations!!!
    Your friends home is gorgeous ~ can't wait to take a peek inside!!!
    Love all your reds ~ one of my favorite accent colors.
    Wow ~ I love the penny rug you made for your customer ~ it turned out great!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Prim Blessings

  12. First of all--Love to read your blog and your KM Primitives website--the Sheep Mat is just darling!

    We moved from Edgerton WI to Texas just 6 months ago. Is that house in the Courthouse area of Janesville? It looks very familiar. All the homes there are so beautiful, so of course we would drive around wishing we lived in any one of them! Look forward to seeing pics--and more of your blog!! Thank you...

  13. Hi Karen, I always look forward to your posts! So glad that you got to eat at that Mexican restaurant! Try chicken enchiladas sometime too--yummy! I am going to make those milky way treats for sure. That house is amazing! I would love to see the mls listing. Have a great day and happy Valentines Day! The pennys are beautiful!

  14. Wonderful news about the magazine article! I can't wait to read it! Your pillow is lovely and goes perfectly with that equally lovely chair. I also love the penny rug you made for a customer. Those bars look very serious!

  15. Hi Karen!
    I thought those were yours! LOL! I could recognize your handiwork! Someday, I would like to get something from you, and that runner you made for that gal is JUST beautiful! I really like it! That chair you have is also very pretty, your home is so nicely put together. I also didn't need to see those treats! I am trying to lose weight and that is very tempting!
    Happy Valentines! Love all the reds,

  16. Oh my lanta... that home is beautiful.. I really do hope that whomever buys it will enjoy the rich history and everything it has to offer.

    Thats neat your penny rugs got a lil bit of advertisement... Your famous!

  17. Hi Karen~
    Congrats! for being featured in the APP magazine.
    I love the pillow and runner shown in this post too.
    We have several Mexican restaurants in our small town but only one that is our favorite-hubby has to have his "fix" from there once a week!

  18. Karen~ Congrats on the magazine,I was just looking at that last night and thought they were yours.I didn't read it yet just looking at the pictures...Oh I wish I had the money to buy that house..drooling for sure..I'm content in my little cape cod but a girl can't wait to see the pics.Have a wonderful week! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  19. Morning Karen,
    Congrats on having your penny rugs in the magazine!!! I love your pillow and the runner you made...the added black really make the colors pop and your stitches are perfect.

    I have to laugh about the Mexican meal...I'm the same way.

    That cream city brick house is just beautiful! I can't wait to see your pictures.

    Enjoy your day,

  20. Hi Karen~

    Love that house!! Oh my~it's beautiful!! Congrats on being featured in APP magazine. Your penny rugs are wonderful.

    Have a wonderful week~Becky

  21. That house is gorgeous as are your penny's. Congrats on being honored in the magazine.


  22. Great post Karen! I was so happy to see your work featured in APP, hope it brings more business your way! Loved the house, would love to see the inside. And boy did that mexican food look yummy, something that I have been craving! Enjoy your day!

  23. I love the house....wonderful! What an honor to have your pennies shown in the Magazine. Your work is beautiful. I love the cushion you made for youself. You always do such a great job. Blessings!

  24. Conrats on your mag. mention! Your penny rug looks wonderful and I can't wait to try that recipe!!

    Always fun to read your latest post Karen!


  25. Did you mention you have had a busy month..Oh yea you did...giggle..I think maybe staying home on Valentine's sounds like a great idea for you and Hubby..
    What fun you've been having..all that yummy food makes me hungry..I so want one of those chocolate treats...looks mouth watering.
    Congrats on the Prim Magazine recognition that is beyond awesome Karen.. I can see why you are honored.. Your Penny rugs are beautiful.
    Now that house..waht was it you said about the Chocolate treats..To die for.. I love it and can't wait to see the inside. The windows on the old carriage house door are stunning and just compliments the house beauifully..

    Love all your reds and love the old fashioned Valentine header..

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Blessings and hugs

  26. Hi Karen.. I loved this posting.. Always so interesting... It was lovely that they featured your work.. No wonder, though, as it is so awesome.. Love your banner, too..
    I wouldn't dare make those goodies..
    They would be gone in no time.. I love sweets.. smile..
    Take care, dear friend and have a Happy Valentines Day..

  27. Congrats! What an honor. I was reading the article & thinking I know her from the blogs & she was the one kind enough to email me the directions to Family Heirloom Weavers! Blessings!

  28. Yum, I love Mexican food! That's nice that you were able to get out and about so much but yes, I love being home warm and cozy too. =]

    When I saw the first picture of the home, I thought "Oh, that's pretty", then I saw the other photos... Holy Moly what a gorgeous home!! That sure is a lot of windows to clean, but it would probably be worth it, haha!

    Your wool penny pillow matches your chair perfectly! The colors are so pretty and I love the simple design. I was in the middle of reading Dan's story on pennies when I had to put my magazine down to take care of some things. I thought the penny rugs looked familiar. Later, I was reading Jan and Susan's blog and they were talking about you being featured so I had to rush back to my magazine and finish the story!! I didn't realize it was you! Congratulations!! =] I LOVE my penny rug from you SO much!!! Oooooh... love the black/red/mustard custom penny too! Black as a base looks great!

    Gonna have to "pin" that recipe, sounds and looks delicious, very rich and fattening, lol!

    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day~

  29. SANDY....
    In reply to your question:
    We moved from Edgerton WI to Texas just 6 months ago. Is that house in the Courthouse area of Janesville?
    YES....IT IS IN THE COURTHOUSE's on the corner of Milwaukee St. and Sinclair.
    Gorgeous home inside and out.


  30. Karen, I LOVE the custom Penny rug! I am sorry to report that I didn't go to Madison in January. I have been so busy with travel and frankly my funds were too low to make the trip (not from travel, my husband's work pays for that since he lives away from home) but from my shop being slow. Struggling to know how to manage it with how things have changed.

    I also have a love of all things (country)red! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Congrat on being featured in the magazine. I am so proud of you. That is a real accomplishment. Whoo hoo:) I love, love, love chicken chimichangas too. Oh they are so good. The penny pillow is very pretty. I am glad that you have one for yourself. That house is absolutly amazing. I am sure I would sell a body part for it. I have never seen anything like that. They don't have neat restored homes like that out here in the north west. They are always built to look like that brand new. Love your reds. -Steph-

  32. Congrats on being in A Primitive Place Magazine!!! Like there was a doubt in my mind your wonderful work wouldn't be. lol

    LOVE your reds... now why didn't I think of that? I don't use too many hearts either.

    That penny rug is simply gorgeous!!! I saw it on Pinterest this morning and of course pinned it!

    And really??? Must you post such a delicious sounding dessert? YUMMO!!!!


  33. Your penny rugs are so pretty. You do such awsome work. I also love all the red through out your home. I have always loved your home and admired your decorating.

    Thanks for all the sweet comments you leave me. I appreciate every word. Happy Valentines Day.


  34. Karen, when I saw the penny rug photos in APP magazine I knew immediately that they were yours - your unique and beautiful designs just stand out. I love the new one that you did for your customer in the reds, mustards, and black - my colors. Love the pillow too, and it is perfect with your chair.
    Have a blessed week,

  35. Congratulations! The rug is lovely!

    Sounds like you have been busy!

    The house is beautiful! Just loved this post!

  36. Glad you had a good time on all of your adventures! The penny table runner looks great, I'm sure your customer will love it. Congrats on the magazine deal, what an honor, but you do deserve it, your work is beautiful.


  37. My goodness, really DID have a lot to write about! I'm not sure what to comment about first!

    Let's see...Mexican restaurants...I always tend to order the same thing too. I think it's because whenever I veer outside my comfort zone I end up with a lousy meal. So I stick with what I know! LOL

    Congratulations for the mention in A Primitive Place. That's such an honor! Soon we'll be saying, "We knew Karen when..."

    And I love your latest penny rug. I've GOT to find some time to try my hand at those!


  38. AWESOME POSTING!!! Didn't want it to end in fact. :) Your home and work is always beautiful Karen, with such wonderful colors. Someone is going to be HAPPY when they receive there order too :). Great gifts you received as well, and I LOVE the banner. Now, last but not least...That House. Oh is it Gorgeous...and, the work put into it. Love Love Love it.


  39. Would that be Janesville, WI by any chance? LOVE the penny pillow! And congts on the magazine mention!
    Karen & the Hounds

  40. Wow, so much to comment on. The meal looks yummy, the dessert yummier. Love the red pics, your pillow is perfect. I love that you put that frayed layer on it. Never have tried that, but might have to soon. Congrats on the mention, that's fantastic and well-deserved. Love the mat for the customer. Perfect!
    I think I got it all, hope that you had a great week, a better weekend!


  41. Hi Karen, I need you to go over to my blog and read it and you will know why.

  42. Karen, WOW!! Paula and Rick's home is like a museum!! Absolutely gorgeous! I love all the wallpaper used. I'm normally not a wallpaper person but their walls are gorgeous and blend in so well with their furnishings! They have done a marvelous job on this home! I can't believe they have it for sale, I would never leave it, lol!! Thank you for sharing pictures!

  43. You always pack so much goodness into each and every post, I'm at a loss as to where to begin commenting. Let's start with, I'm sorry for being MIA for so long and hope you will forgive me. Seems like I'm not figuring out this "balance" thing very well. It's usually the blogs that I know have "lots of good content" that I can't just "pop in and out" so I leave them for when I can enjoy with more time, and, alas, "more time" is a rare commodity.

    Second, I LOVE that house. I WANT that house!!! Too bad it is in the city (and way too close to my hubby's ex-sister.....) ;o) GORGEOUS....

    Third: Congratulations on the APP article!! Where's my issue???? What the heck???? (A well-deserved honor - can't wait until I track it down and can see for myself.....)

    Fourth: My shrinking clothes could have done without the food references. But, Rice Krispies and Milky Ways have now found their way on my grocery list. Naughty, naughty, Karen.....

    Fifth: That penny pillow is absolutely wonderful. I tend to be a bit of a penny snob and love real wool - this is positively gorgeous. And, yes - it looks amazing on that amazing chair....

    Sixth: I adore that runner you did - those colors are so, so, me.

    Seventh: Boo Hoo.....I missed your Valentine's day header....but love your reds. I'm a red freak myself.

    Eighth: Congratulations on your win from Lynne....That is cute as a bug's ear.

    Ninth: Hmmmmm...what have I forgotten??? Oh well - refer back to "first" and forgive me.....

    Hope your week is off to a great start....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  44. Hi Karen: I can't believe I hadn't left a comment. Also, now on Paula and Rick's house. WOW! What a house! Oh, to be able to live in one like that! I LOVE their Kit. cabinets, and Wallpapers. But especially their "Screen door/Shower door. What fun! You have had a busy time and I am jealous of the Mexican looks delicious!
    {{HUGS}} Joy

  45. Congrats with the magazine article! I have my own blog now (in English). I mentioned yours in one of my posts.



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