Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Had a little get-away, purchases, gifts, updates


Took a couple days and headed up to my brother/sil’s place this week – needed a bit of a get-away. Being in the north woods is always so peaceful and relaxing.

We got up there on a gorgeous 40+ degree day and the next day as well, felt like Spring, but woke up on Friday with snow…no telling what our weather is going to be these days. Not much of a Winter so it makes me wonder what our Spring will be like.

Thursday bright and sunny!

Friday morning

This is what I saw outside our bedroom window
Snowy mornng 1 

Snowy mornng 2

Frame Building
For Two days we built backdrop frames for our space for the craft show this summer in Lititz, PA.
Gene has a huge pole barn that’s heated so it was a perfect place to work in…we all got into it and it got done in no time.
The frames have chicken wire and the wood will be stained or painted…most likely stained a nice rich Pine color.
frames 3 

frames 4 

frames 6

frames 5

The wood on the corner braces will stain the same as the frames so it won’t look like it does now…just different types of wood.
We made 6 - 3’ x 4’ frames in all. and the holes in the sides are for attaching them together at the show so we can use one, two or 3 attached together depending on the setup we do.  I plan to attach Tobacco Cloth panels draped to make it look for inviting.
frames 7

Shopping Day

The next morning we headed out for a ride to Wisconsin Rapids to one of our favorite shops…COUNTRY FRECKLES.
( )
And as usual…it was fun!  I wanted to purchase some Wool from Jonie. I found so much and didn’t want to stop but as it was in these piles I had $85 worth!!!  This will be used on my Traditional Penny Rugs for the show.

But first you have to see Joni’s new baby…sorry I can’t remember her name but she’s an 8 week old purebred Cocker Spaniel. Her coloring is just beautiful and so shiny.  There were several shoppers in there and we all had our turn at kissing and cuddling her.  When Joni put her back in her bed behind the counter she zonked out immediately.
puppy 1 

Love my Wools

All wools

Golds…the checked one on top is a lot darker than it’s showing up
Gold wools

The colors in this are deeper than they are showing up
Red Gold Wool

Blue wools 1 

More Cooking Things

While we were gone a package arrived – I had ordered a large sauce pan to go with the cooking set I bought last month.
They never seem to include a LARGE sauce pan – one large enough for potatoes and things like that.  A 3qt. is usually the largest and with my new set the 3qt. was large around and shallow.  So I went online and found the one I wanted – it’s 4-1/2 qt. and called a ‘Saucier’ pan. Large enough to hold a mountain of potatoes!  Oh, and good for popping corn too!  I like that the bottom is slanted INWARD…the reason for this is for thick things like sauces, etc…easier to stir and get to it around the bottom edges vs the straight up sides of regular pans.
new pan 1

Special Gifts

The next day another package arrived…this time it was a delightful surprise from a ‘forum friend’. She sent it as a thank you for me getting some of her pictures posted on the forum as she was having some difficulty…I think I came out on the better end of this one.
I received a darling picture of Two children dressed in period clothing looking into a chest that hold an American Flag.
And a beautiful Blackened Tin candle holder.  Both had a home immediately on the cabinet in the family room
Gifts 1




I’m anxiously awaiting an order from Teresa’s Primitive Treasures…she was offering this on her new site:  But I missed out on it and e-mailed her to see if she had another one…she had a couple more too be finished and said I could have one. The body is painted fabric stuffed with straw and the fur is raw sheep’s wool…isn’t it a beauty!
wool sheep

Thanks for stopping by and visiting today…enjoy

Goodness I almost forgot…at the very top (below the header) in the tabs…I posted pictures of Paula and Rick’s house.
(Go to the tab or click here: )

I also updated my Amish Fiction  tab as well (Go to the tab or click here: )
I added more books and an Amish glossary along with a few recipes I found in the books I have read. I apologize for the crappy look of the additions…I copied them and pasted the document into the post….it was going to take forever to type it all out. SOMEDAY I might take the time.
At some point I will be updating the shopping tab too.



  1. Great post Karen. I always enjoy the posts when you go to the country. The backdrops for the show came out great. Your treasures from your blogger friends are terrific. I love the sheep, perfect for you!

  2. Wow! You had a wonderful trip!!

  3. Hello friend of mine! You have been busy as usual...LOVE your new wools and goodies! It is suppose to be 78 here tomorrow...So, it's going to be interesting to see how Spring goes, since we have barely had a winter here in Georgia!hugs!

  4. Love to read about your get aways, and enjoyed the pictures of snow. We won't likely see anything like that here in Texas this year. Your cookware looks nice too. Makes cooking a little more fun when you have nice tools!
    Have a great Wednesday!

  5. Love all your wools Karen. Since I've been sick I've not felt much like making penny's. I've got to get back to it.


  6. Hi Karen,
    Sounds like a fabulous visit.
    And OMGoodness what a view you got to enjoy.
    Love all your new goodies.
    And that sheep is wonderful!!
    Love it!

  7. How sweet to have someone to make these for you! Awesome backdrops!
    Love your new header.
    I love that sheep! I'm going over there and see if there are more!

  8. Karen~ if you can email me when you get time the dates and address of the Litiz show I'd love to try to make it.The puppy just adorable.I saw the sheep too and loved them didn't order though because I'm saving my pennies for something special I want.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. So glad you had a fun getaway! Oh the puppy is just gorgeous! And the wools are so lovely - I love the feel of them and just spread them out to admire sometimes so much so that I hate cutting them up!!!
    Best wishes

  10. Everything looks wonderful, good luck in your show. Love the sheep, your new goodies and the wool, great colors.

  11. Karen, so glad you were able to get away and do some relaxing. That view from your bedroom is gorgeous. The backdrops for your show will look great with the tobacco cloth panels. I love the wools you got - they will make beautiful penny rugs.

    Very nice gifts from Mary Lou and I love the sheep you ordered from Theresa - it will be a great addition to your home.

    Thanks for sharing your friends' lovely home with us. Their hard work sure shows.

    I've read a lot of the same books you have. I just started Paradise Valley by Dale Cramer on my Kindle - I think I am going to enjoy it.

    Have a blessed week,

  12. Hi Karen...WOW, what a nice long post!! I just love all of your new many wonderful colors!!! I really should try to get over to that shop some can't be too far. Your trip up north looked like so much fun!!

    Before I sign off...did you get my email(s)? I had problems with my yahoo for a few days right about the time you emailed and I tried to send several emails to you, but they kept coming back to me as undelivered...just wondering...enjoy your day, Tina

  13. Sounds like you are enjoying winter.You are so inspiring, always being busy and planning ahead. I am contemplating a show this spring. I haven't done one in so long and I am out of the swing of things. Lots of planning. Good luck with yours, I love your creations.
    Your new pan is a great size, and you mentioned popcorn. Popcorn is my snack of choice, but I can't eat the microwave kind anymore, not after making my own.Hope you are stating warm this winter. Blessings ~Sara

  14. Karen, everything looks wonderful. Glad you had a get away. We need those times of refreshing on occasion.

    The wools ar beautiful and I know you will turn them into wonderful work of art.


  15. Karen ~~ What a Great Place to do wood-working or anything else really. I Love a Project and how Fun to do it with your hubby, and relatives, put the tunes on and
    its a Play Date. :-)
    Love all the wools you picked, and that puppy
    is just the cutest.
    Will check out the links for the
    store, the home pictures and the Amish stuff.
    Thanks !! Hugs ~ Connie xox

  16. I love the rich colours of that wool.. I feel all warm and cozy already.. what a doll that cocker spaniel is... Thanks for sharing I love the photos.. you really do take some nice pictures

  17. Looks like you have some wonderful places to shop there! That's something rare around this area! Sigh!

    Love the colors of that wool....beautiful!

    And love cocker spaniels....what a beauty!

    I kind of envy your snow. I would like one good one before spring arrives (call me crazy). :)

    Have a great evening, my friend!


  18. Hi Karen~

    It's always nice to visit with family isn't it?? Looks like a nice peaceful place. Love your sheep from Teresa.

    Have a wonderful night~Becky

  19. Karen, Your booth is going to be amazing! Can't ...even though it's aways away, to see it all done...Wool... Love it all! OLM

  20. I'm glad you were able to get away for a bit. The snow pictures are so pretty, wish we had some of that here!

    Your new craft show frames are really neat and a good idea! They are gonna have the perfect prim touch with the tobacco cloth.

    Sounds like a fun shopping trip, love those beautiful wools!

    It's fun to receive things in the mail, isn't it? Even if you have to "work" with it, lol The new pan sounds wonderful. Teresa's sheep is a beauty, love what it's made out of!

    I enjoyed visiting with you today Karen, you always have such fun and interesting posts. Have a delightful week, my sweet friend~

  21. Hi Karen
    I bet you had a great time getting away.
    Paulas home is beautiful!
    Thanks for showing it.

  22. You have been one busy lady and at the looks from all that wool you going to continue to be busy. I can imagine what goodies you are going to come up with. Blessings!

  23. OMGoodness, I got all worn out reading about everything you've done. You're a super woman :) I'm happy to read you took a getaway.
    The frames look great and I can imagine your woolens hanging on them. They would be hard to resist I'm sure.
    The puppy is beautiful and totally huggable and kissable.
    I love your cabinet you've set your gifts atop. Love the color:)
    Yay, you are able to get one of Teresa's sheep. I love her primitives as she has a style of her own.

  24. Karen, You have been so busy! Love the wools that you picked up, can't wait to see what you create from them.

    Not sure I've told you since our trip to WI in January, but Mom is all settled in to her new home in Linden Grove. Very nice center and she seems happy. My sister checks in with her quite a bit.


  25. It's always nice to get away and spend some time with family.
    Isn't Joni's puppy cute? Can't wait to get over to her shop and see some of her new things ~ Love the wool you got.
    The sheep you got is adorable!!!
    Wonderful sweet surprises you got from Mary Lou ~ enjoy!
    Prim Blessings

  26. What a fun trip. Wonderful wool, snow and new memories with family.
    Love the teamwork.
    Off to Amish Country for three day get away with my girlfriends.
    Hugs Trace

  27. Great post Karen, I love seeing what you are up to!

  28. WOW Karen!!! Looks like a wonderful weekend get away! I'm so ready for one of those! Aren't these weekends wild where we can have the change of seasons in 3 days! LOL
    Your back drops look great! I need Jeff to make me some new ones because mine are getting pretty tattered after 10 years of packing and unloading! But then again I guess they fit right in with the prim things!
    I should have your sheep ready to go today! I had more wool here than I thought! Just need to finish up his blanket!
    Love all your wool!!! Beautiful pieces!
    Enjoy your day!

  29. Thanks for visit my blog and leave a comment. Wishing you good luck in my giveaway!

  30. Great post Karen. Can't wait to see what your booth looks like all set up. I am always looking for craft booth ideas that are easy for me to handle by myself.
    Looks like you had a great place to relax for a few days.
    Warm Wishes,

  31. WOW..what a great get a way..Beautiful setting even the snow looked great...LOL..
    I love your frames for the show... I made some like that years ago when I did shows..

    Your wool purchase is all beautiful..can't wait to see all the goodies you create from them...

    That sheep is beyond adorable..I can see why you are anxious to get it... Love your Picture and candle lamp too..

    sounds to me like you had a great time on your get away and it was productive too..

    Great Post!!

    Have a great week!


  32. Good Morning Dear Karen.. Better late than never.. I don't know how I missed this one and it so exciting.. I love your backboards for your show.. How that brings back memories.. Twenty years of them actually.. grin.. Terry was opening th mail and we had an invite for this coming Fall and asked me if I wanted to go.. They are exciting..
    Love your new pot.. It is hard to get one the right size for potatoes,eh?
    Your wools are awesome,too and that sheep is dear..
    Have a great weekend, dear friend.. We are in for a huge storm ..
    Oh well, we haven't had much of a Canadian Winter this year, yet..
    God bless..

  33. Hi Karen. I visited the Country Freckes last year. Yes, I Love this shop and Joni is such a sweetie too. I didn't want to leave either so many wonderful things to see, feel, smell. Love those rugs in she have displayed (you know, the ones not for sale). ;)

    I too Love the North Woods, especially during the fall. Looking foward to seeing it again soon.

    BTW, when I first seen this little sheep, I instantly thought of you. :)


  34. Glad you could get away, even if it did snow:) I love your wools such wonderful colors. I bet you could make the most creative things. I love teh sheep you ordered. It is beautiful. The stiticery on it really makes it special. The backdrop is coming along. I hope we get to see it all done up. -Steph-

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  36. Well, I guess I wasn't QUITE as behind as I thought... ;o) So glad you had a getaway....and the best part is having fun stuff in the mail to come home to! Where, again, is your brother's place? I think you told me once, but I forgot. And, yikes - you're getting to Joni's more often than me - and I live closer!! I have yet to meet her new puppy (didn't she end up getting two new ones??) And that wool haul of yours....scary, but I even recognize some of it. Guess I hang out at Cathy's more than I thought! I know you will make beautiful use of it. Sweet gifts from Mary Lou - and love how you have them displayed. Great cupboard!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

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