Monday, March 5, 2012

A little of this and that

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I won some wonderful treasures from Kathi from 

Not only did Kathi send the Sheep and Hearts
but she included Two adorable Sheep Note Cards…
now how did she know I like Sheep!
Sheep hearts


Thanks so much Kathi


We have also had a couple of very pretty but heavy snowfalls…one of them came on Friday.
Not a ton of snow but it was wet and heavy and came in a very short time.

Snow March 2 2

Snow March 2 4

Snow March 2 3

Snow March 2 1


I can’t think of anything real interesting
OR fun so I will share some of my old treasures
from my husbands grandparents.
We were gifted with these a few years ago at a reunion of cousins…
being I’m the only one in the family who researches our family history they
thought we would enjoy them and take care of them.
Doug’s aunt placed notes on each piece when she got them so whoever did receive
them would have the history of the item…thanks goodness!

This little teacup set was a Christmas gift to
Doug’s grandmother when she was a little girl.
She was born in 1889
Tea cup set 1

Tea cup set 2

Cut glass dessert dishes as a wedding gift to
Netti and Martin – they were married in 1908
Dessert Dishes 3
Dessert Dishes 1
Dessert Dishes 2

Green Candy dish….given to Doug’s grandmother
by her uncle when she was a small child
Green Dish 3
Green Dish 1

Creamer/Sugar set, Toothpick holder
These belonged to Doug’s grandmother’s mother.
These have a dark gold ring around the top
edges that has worn off over the years
Creamer Sugar Toothpick

Hand crocheted doily given to his
grandmother, made by her grandmother
Crocheted doily

Two platters of his grandmother’s – the
large one was given to us by his cousin.
The small one was from Doug’s mother when she passed
away…they were from the same set of his grandmother’s
Platters 1 
Platters 2
Information on the dishes
Platter history

Spooner jar…these were used on the tables to hold teaspoons
This design is the Turkey Foot

And lastly…a silverware caddy that Doug’s grandfather
made for Doug’s grandmother when they got married in 1908.
It has the original green paint on it – I love the wear marks.
Silverware box 2
Silverware box note

Martin and Nettie Martinsen – their wedding day
December 23, 1908
Martin, Netti Martinsen Wedding Dec. 23, 1908

Taken in 1926
Martin, Netti 
Netti 1950
Gram Martinsen

Hope you enjoyed this step back in time with me.


Oh, I forgot…my gorgeous sheep from
Teresa’s Primitive Treasures arrived last week
It’s even better than the picture…

sheep from teresa


Before I forget…our new granddaughter will be named
She’s expected to arrive July 7th
Miranda Paige


One of my customers requested a special order
Candle Hugger…a Rooster – to go in her
Yellow and Red kitchen, well I didn’t have a
good pattern for one so I combined Two to get this
I think she’ll like it. It is to fit one of the Mason Jar
candles but I’m showing it on a tin I had
Rooster Hugger


Come visit me if you are coming to the shows
Lititz, PA, August 11, 2012
My space is the very first one located on Rt. 501
Lititz, PA, October 12-13, 2012  Artisan’s Porch Walk


KM Primitives

You can also purchase patterns from my site


The Pattern Cupboard

Prim Pattern


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Thanks so much for visiting me today…



  1. Congratulations on your winnings Karen! I am cold looking at that snow, burr!
    What awesome treasures from your husbands family, I could cry looking at the lovely notes, I know they mean alot to you, how special and when things are from family that makes them extra special. Hugs, Lecia

  2. What wonderful family treasures that have been passed down to your family! Love the goodies you won an that rooster candle sleeve is so cute! The snow is pretty, we still have ours but our temps are bitterly cold today, -15 Celsius, brrr. Stay warm and have a wonderful day,

    Hugs, Trish

  3. Oh, Karen I loved this post. Marvelous family heirlooms with the little notes, they are remarkable.
    Every one of the items is wonderful and I especially love the doily made by your husband's grandmother's grandmother. Isn't that amazing? You can see that his family cherished these things and they have survived because of the love and care they were given. My sister, the oldest, has my maternal grandmother's things that have survived and I have some things from my paternal grandmother. The silverware caddy also touched my heart, I imagine her setting her table carrying her silverware to the table inside of the caddy.

  4. Karen, I love your family treasures and you and doug are so blessed to have them, also the history to go with them. I love the pictures too. Your rooster is awesome. we got 18 inches of snow overnight on Fri, it's up to the windowsills around our house.

  5. Karen,
    I loved seeing all those wonderful family treasures! Very cute candle hugger...your work is just beautiful.
    Enjoy the snow,

  6. Hi Karen, You got some really nice gifties from Kathi! I am partial to sheep also--as you have seen by my paintings! Oh, how I loved seeing your family treasures!! Some of them look a lot like some that mom and dad passed down to me. I was hoping to get my dad's antique carved wooden barber pole but we gifted it to the historical society instead--that is where it belongs. Sigh, I was so hoping WE would get some heavy snow--were expecting 6", but we only got a trace. Yours is so beautiful. Usually we get a heavy St. Patrick's snow, but I'm not holding my breath this year!! It must be so exciting seeing the photo of your coming grandbaby!! My boys both almost got married a couple of years ago, but both relationships fizzled. Craig wants to get married, but Brian is still a bit burned. I just can't wait until you do Lititz--our friends do well--I'm sure YOU will too!! Enjoy your beautiful snow!!--Jan

  7. Congrats on Miranda. What neat treasures you have from Doug's family. thanks for sharing the pics.
    Oh and the rooster candle hugger is awesome.


  8. Oh dear - it looks like I, once again, have fallen behind in my visits here. Sigh. I truly enjoyed this post, Karen - how wonderful to have those family treasures - and to actually know the history behind them - where they came from, and from whom. We have nothing like that in our family....I LOVE that silverware caddy! And isn't it funny the types of gifts young girls received back in those days? I can only imagine the fits some girls these days would have if they were gifted a teacup or candy dish - no matter how beautiful! The best treasures, though, are those amazing photos of Nettie....She was a beautiful lady. (But, "Martin Martinsen" - really??) ;o) Congratulations on your fun win from Kathi....and too funny about your sheep from Teresa....I bought the original one.....I knew we had similar tastes!! Your snow photos are pretty - but I'm over it can go anytime. I think we got about 15" last Wednesday, more on Friday, but in between I think some melted - but it's hard to tell; there's so much of it.....Take good care and hope you have a blessing-filled week.....I'm off to check what I missed here before heading back to grading papers. :o( Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Hi Karen! You have some wonderful wins from Kathi, love that adorable sheep! The sheep from Teresa is beautiful as well, love the black.

    Your winter pictures are beautiful! I wish we could have gotten a pretty snow like that but not even one time. Just be careful, hopefully you don't have to get out in it.

    Oh my word Karen, how fortunate you are to own such treasures and to have so much information about them, that is incredible!! I love all the pieces, they are in great shape but I think my favorite is the hand crocheted doily. So that would mean it was made by his great-great grandmother?! How on earth did it survive in such beautiful shape?! Wow!

    The platters are so pretty also. I bought one in that same shape with roses in the middle at a garage sale. I glued heavy duty magnets to the back of it and use it as a holder for my straight pins.

    The silverware caddy has beautiful wear marks, I just love that! I really enjoyed looking at your family treasures and especially seeing the pictures of who they belonged to.

    Miranda Paige... beautiful name! I enjoyed visiting with you today Karen, lovely post. I hope you are enjoying your pretty snow by staying in by the fire and crafting away. =]

  10. A wonderful post! Congratulation on your win! I so enjoyed seeing your new treasures, especially love the tea cup! Congratulations on the new baby coming!

  11. Loved seeing all your family treasures. I have many things that my grandmother had passed down and she put notes on everything too. I just loving the history of these pieces.
    Congrats on the new grandbaby that is coming.
    Congrats on your win...cute sheep and hearts.
    Love the sheep that you got from Teresa.
    We had some snow this morning, but it was just a dusting and tomorrow it is going to be in the high
    50's. Crazy Ohio weather.

  12. Oh such nice family treasures you have Karen. All of that wonderful information to go with it, wow, that is great. Your family will treasure that for years. Many families don't have access to family history.I know my husband's grandfather came from Greece and change the spelling of his name so it is hard to trace ancestors.I really enjoyed you sharing with us. What a wonderful collection of "new" goodies you have as well for your spring decorating. Love the sheep. Blessings and stay warm with all of that snow.~Sara

  13. Karen~ I just love items with history so wonderful to have it passed down with some info.Love the sheep it did turn out wonderful.The snow well I'm a little jealous but since it doesn't seem to want to be winter here in PA I'm now looking forward to spring.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  14. Wow... you caught us up on a lot in this post. :)

    Love the memory lane trip! Very cool that someone marked all these things with the history so you know it. :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  15. Wow, the snow photos are great...I don't get snow where I live...sooo pretty!

    The old treasures are just good you have the history notes to go with them to pass on...just wonderful.

    Wish I was close enough to visit the shows you will be at!!!


  16. I Love your treasures that you were gifted with from the family! They are so Beautiful!
    Congratulations on your win! Love the sheep and the hearts.
    We got quite a bit of snow here in Black Creek. Oh it was nasty driving home on fri and sat. from work. Congratulations on the new baby coming in July! How exciting!
    Take Care and enjoy your week!

    Sandi Allen

  17. Hi Karen.. I am always happy when I see that you have posted.. smile..
    The old pics of the grandparents made me smile.. The dear things are so sweet..
    As far as the old dishes you know me and dishes.. Lovely..
    I think the candle hugger is one of my faves and could you do me one..
    I would love the exact same..
    Just email me..
    God bless my dear friend..

  18. What a fun post!
    A new news I heard all day Karen.

  19. Hi Karen, I just loved this post! My family says I live in the past so this is right up my alley! Great pictures and story of Doug's family. I loved reading about the heirlooms that you received. I have many that are so precious to me! Someone was so very thoughtful to write on the backs of your objects and date the times, too. All very interesting.

    I wish I could come to one the shows that you will be presenting your things at. Maybe someday.


  20. Good evening Karen, I so enjoyed visiting you today. Such an interesting and informative post. Love your winnings, but all your family treasures are priceless. So neat that there are little notes attatched. I am sure these will be treasured and handed down for generations to come. Congrats. on the grandbaby. Love her name. That snow is beautiful. We haven't even had a smiggen this year. Haven't seen the first flake. Love the candle wrap. Great job. Have a great week

  21. Hi Karen! I have to disagree with you - you most definitiely do have fun interesting things to share in this post!! I know I was really taken by the collection of your family's glassware! The history behind them all is fascinating!
    Love the sheep you won too!
    Hope you see more of spring real soon!

  22. Lovely mementoes. I have a glass dish like the candy dish. Never realised how old it is.

  23. I just love your post Karen...but then when I get to the bottom I forget what I thought I wanted to comment about...LOL..I think the Rooster cover is just to adorable..You must have a ton of ideas for those..
    The memory lane pictures of the grandparents was wonderful.. I love the history behind each piece. My Favorite was your grandmas Green Candy dish...LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    That Black sheep is just to cute..I have to figure out how to make a sheep a customer wants a shelf with sheep on it...

    Isn't Ultra-Sound just so cool..that one is really clear..makes ya want to reach out and touch that baby girl..

    Have a Great Week my friend!


  24. What wonderful family heirlooms Karen!!!! Those are the best primitives to own. I am so thrilled for you. You have won some great things to lately. I love that sheep. Thanks for sharing a sweet post. -Steph-

  25. Congratulations on your win ~ and a wonderful one at that!!!
    The sheep from Teresa is adorable too!!!
    Such wonderful family treasures ~ it's so nice to have those kind of pieces to give to the next generation and so cool that the history came with them.
    Your jar hugger rooster turned out great!!!
    Prim Blessings

  26. It's so wonderful to have your family heirlooms! I have a few of mine and treasure them also. Great idea that someone put notes on them.

  27. I like your family treasures. The silverware caddy is the most beautiful. I like the 'snowy' pictures. I wished we had more snow around here. This year we had 2 inches ;-)

    Hugs and stay warm!

  28. Congrats on your win Karen! The sheep you ordered from Teresa is just adorable!The family treasures are amazing,so enjoyed seeing them and the family pics.Hugs,Jen

  29. Karen, So many wonderful family treasures! I love that you have some info to go along with them!!!! AND! Congrats on a new--soon grandbaby!!!! OLM
    PS.... I am getting the rest of the childs kitchen toys too! HEHE

  30. Wonderful treasures from the giveaway!

    I love the sheep too, i may have to check that site out :)

    I have been trying to get notes on some of the pieces in our home, that is great that she did that, so helpful. I just love knowing at least a little bit of the history of anything I have in my home.



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