Monday, July 8, 2013

Found a couple baskets

Morning dear friends…well it is Monday again.
Where did the weekend go – it was a long one wasn’t it, with the 4th thrown in there.
We went to Milton (Doug’s home town) for the parade and then visited my sister.
We also went back to visit her again on Saturday and stopped at a local shop that sells retail plus some antiques.
We found this sweet basket for $4.50.

Now I’m not sure the age of it but I loved the details and the handle.
Got this great large picnic basket – looks like something spilled on the inside long ago and it stained all the way through to the caning.  But that’s fine  - I don’t mind it.  I’m going to clean it up really good and put it in the screen room by the sofa for necessary things  like the fan control and books…you know all the stuff you use but don’t want it laying around on the tables.  I will keep a roll of paper towels in there too for spills.

Small basket

Picnic basket 1 

Lookie here….the old logo even is in tact and it’s a Burlington, Iowa product (same name as my town!) Now a girl just had to have that, right!  And they call it a hamper – forgot that they were called that way back in the day.

 Picnic basket logo

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We’re going to Janesville today to meet friends from Arizona who are passing through to their son’s house in Wisconsin Rapids.  We meet them once a year at the same restaurant for lunch.  We get our 2 hour visit in and boy do we chat!  Thank goodness Doug and Jim enjoy each others company because we don’t even know they are there! (smiles….)

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Then have to take my IPad back to Best Buy and see why it doesn’t recognize my camera card reader.  Verizon tried to fix it but said it’s in the IPad, not the connectors.  Darn, always something that isn’t an easy fix.

Then we will visit my sister again.

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Please say some prayers for our little Zayne. 
They took him to the emergency room yesterday because he had stopped breathing several times and his little face was very red.  They think it may be in his esophagus and had them take him immediately to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee.
He’s so tiny! Today they will do tests on him. Please pray that it is nothing serious. He was 3 weeks old yesterday.

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Hopefully this week yet we can drive up to Wisconsin Rapids where Country Freckles is located…she is going to take some of my products on consignment so I have been sewing like crazy.  I would like to go on Thursday because she has her hooking girls there then – I always love seeing what they have created.
My hooking is still with Margie (Hungry Hook Primitives) because she is matching some wool for the background of my piece I’m working on…so when she’s done dying the wool she will send it back and then I’ll have something to work on again….and use my wonderful swivel/rotating frame  -Yeahhhh. Oh and just maybe we will get to see our friends again – remember that’s where they were headed.

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Oh my goodness I almost forgot…I won a giveaway over at 
Linda was doing something different – the first ones to leave a comment won the item of their choice.  She was offering 3.  I was blessed with winning my choice – a pretty large stitchery.
It says to do it on aged Muslin but I’m going to work it on aged Osnaburg.
Thank  you Linda!

The Wool Cupboard winnng

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Have a wonderful week everyone



  1. If we weren't baling hay this week - I would love to run over to Country Freckles and hook too. Blessings from Ringle.

  2. Morning Karen, love those baskets, great find....Enjoy, Francine.

  3. I hope the little baby will be just fine ~ that has to be scary for the parents! Love the little basket ~ you got a great buy!!!

  4. Love your baskets Karen. I have a whole row hanging on the center beam in the living room.

    Feel so bad for little Zayne, prayers going up.

    Have fun on your travels.


  5. Hi Karen, Love your baskets! I know Margie is making you some lovely wool. Her wool is awesome! Have a wonderful visit with your friends and congratulations on your wonderful winnings. hugs,Lecia

  6. I have a bit of a basket obsession myself, great find! I love the design of the first one.

    Prayers for baby!!

  7. Sending prayers up for the little scary that must have been for his young parents.
    Have a great week ,

  8. I will be praying for little Zayne.

    I love baskets. I have started collecting egg gathering baskets. I have two bentwood "hampers". You are right, they are perfect for storing items. I have my crafting items hidden in them! I don't mind stains and chips- it show use and probably a story behind it. Besides, if it did bother you, you could probably stain the whole thing! But it is lovely no matter what!

    I hope this finds you well! Love the Civil War picture at the top. Lots of Civil War anniversaries here in PA- Gettysburg, The Gettysburg Address reading...

    Hugs and love, Karen!

  9. What a great weekend you had! Stop by the blog a little later, I'm going to post a partial list of vendors and hotel information. Still having trouble with picture trail!

  10. hello hello from cold africa :)
    i love those baskets so much..they super sweet :)
    you found a great buy.
    big hugs
    have a lovely day and week and huge blessings x

  11. Oh I hope baby Zayne is OK, and if not, an easy remedy. How scary!!! That basket handle is so neat! Another great find.

  12. Hope Zayne pulls through!! Love the baskets!!

  13. Prayers for that precious baby. Oh I know the parents are scared stiff. Grandparents too. Like the baskets and what a good way to use the hamper. Have fun on your outings and please update us on Zayne.

  14. Karen,

    Love your new basket finds! I have been a on a basket kick too. Praying for little Zayne, oh so scary, I am sure everything is going to be fine. hugs! OLM

  15. Saying a prayer for Zayne and also wishing you good luck with your consignment...I have been such an absentee blogger this Summer. Just too busy it seems and all I can do is try to keep up on my favorite friends blogs. Have a great week! Janice

  16. prayers for the baby!

    sounds like a great time with your friend. I like your baskets, and I'm happy you won the give away! hugs, and friendship!

  17. Whew Karen, I'm exhausted just imagining how busy you will be this week.
    Hope all is well with Little Zayne.

  18. Oh my goodenss, prayers for the little one!!! That's so small and tiny and fragile. Your baskets are fun. I think a screened room is perfect for baskets:) -Steph-

  19. I really like those baskets!
    I'll be praying for little Zayne.
    Congratulations on winning the giveaway! :-)

  20. The baskets look great!

    I love catching up with old friends, I am sure you all will have a great time.

    My prayers and thoughts are with baby Zayne...he is so precious!


  21. So frightening for the parents. I pray little Zayne will be alright.

    Nice basket finds. It seems that you can never have enough of them!

  22. It's a beautiful basket. I hope you can get it clean.



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