Monday, July 22, 2013

Are you still with me!!!

Are you all keeping cool?
Summer had a hard time arriving but when it did it gave us what we asked for didn’t it?
But oh we needed rain badly and it came yesterday.
I am not a fan of summer so this heat is a killer for me – even too hot to enjoy the screen room.

Remember you can click pictures to enlarge them…

Birthday Time
My Cake 

I didn’t mention it but I had a birthday on the 10th and my husband surprised me with a cake after our dinner.
He put it in the beverage ref. in the screen room so I didn’t know he had it….oh and it tasted great too – I haven’t been eating too many sweets lately!
He did a little ‘overkill’ on the size of the numbers though, don’t you think! lol


Another Great Book
Adoring Addie 

Tanya from Friendship Crossing sent me an Amish book – she had to do a book review on it and then she was sweet enough to pass it along to me..thank you Tanya!
The book is by Leslie Gould – one of my favorite Amish authors.
It’s book #2 Adoring Addie from the series “The Courtships of Lancaster County”
I would like to purchase  Book #1 Courting Cate and #3 Minding Molly before starting this…I like to read them in order.

us with mare and jim 1

Last week we met friends from AZ for our yearly lunch while they were passing through on their way to their son’s place in Wisconsin Rapids. Always so fun to see how much talking Mare and I can get in during that lunch.
One of these winters we will go west to Mesa to visit them…when my back/hip gets under control it WILL happen.
I have 3 cousins (all siblings) living in AZ during the winter as well so we could visit them at the same time.


Great Talent


Are these cute or what…our daughter in law Jamie made these for a silent auction for where she works – it’s a company that makes springs for medical equipment so they gave her all the springs she needed to create these.
They were auctioned off for ‘Make A Wish’ fund raiser at her work place – they are larger than they look…the flower she said is about 3 ft. tall and the dog about as long.

jamies bird
This piece is huge…over 4 ft tall – she said it’s close to 5 ft.
This was saved for the grand auction.
Is my gal talented or what???  Yep!


New Basket
Basket from Ann

I purchased this fantastic long basket from Ann
and it came on Friday.
I’m hoping to get some more green large Mason jars (like shown below) to put in it with some fresh flowers in the jars.

New Treasures
Green jars
We went to a flea market on Saturday and found a few nice items.

3 Green jars – the 2 taller ones have bubbles in the glass and the smaller clear jar.
Got all these for $1 each.

 2 patterns

Found a vendor who was selling all her patterns $1 each – the Penny Rug one was partially worked on so I’m going to take out the stitching and re-do it.  I just liked the design on the pillow one and hopefully I can incorporate the design into a Penny Rug.  I also got a Santa one – the wool kit part was all there but the pattern and instructions were not!  I guess I can figure something out but for $1 it was just fine.

 FH Weavers piece

I found this Family Heirloom Weavers 47” x 82” throw in the ‘Log Cabin’ design in Red and Blue at the flea market today…wholesale price was still on it and she said that’s what she was selling it for…$23 – great deal. She had 2 other styles but they were in Green and I just don’t have green in the house.


Out and About and Other Stuff
Next weekend it’s up north for a family reunion (and to pick up the 2 Windsor chairs we had made) and the week after that on August 3rd we are taking Emily and Joe (our two teen grandchildren) to Pennsylvania.  Not only will it be a FUN trip but we are going to throw in some history too.
~ Gettysburg, Annapolis, Baltimore and New York City ~
We are hoping to get it all in plus some Lancaster time.   Think it’s do-able???
Oh and the last day we are there we are going to the Lititz craft show…you don’t want to miss this one – it’s huge and our friend ‘Teresa’ from will have her booth there…it’s on Broad St. (Rt. 501) and she’s right on the corner in front of the Bank…go visit her!
I have an itinerary for the week so I will make it work!


I have to wonder about Blogger…there was lots of hype about the Reading List going away – but it’s still there…What’s up with this.  I’m so totally confused.
There are so many ways to follow people now that the lists are many – what do to…what to do!!!
(just a quick rant…I’m okay now…lol)


Before I forget!
We are going to this show! – are you?
Dawn at is having her first ever Primitive/Antique Show at her new location…she’s in an old mill, many wonderful vendors from around the country will be showing and selling their beautiful wares.

Harvest At The Mill Show
Saturday, September 7th

After the show there’s a gathering at Bittersweet Cafe for all those Blogger and FB friends who attend and want to get together and meet!!!  How sweet is that.
Check out her blog with all the information – we are going.

And I know Ann from Ohio Farm Baskets is going to be a vendor among many of our friends.
Hope you all can make it!!!
Please check out Dawns Blog for further information

Dawns Show at the Mill

Thanks so much everyone for following me and your continued comments



  1. I love the throw! Beautiful. I'm doing posts on decorating with red and blue, so this throw is right up my alley :) Happy birthday! The cake looks yum. Your trip sounds like what we did last year. Have fun!


  2. Hi Karen'
    First of all, let me just say that you are one of the youngest looking 69 yr. old's I've ever seen!! Happy B'day!! What a sweet surprise from your hubby!! Pretty cake!
    Second, you are very welcome for the book!
    Third - your DIL is very talented!!
    Fourth - I hope you have a wonderful trip w/your grandkids!! How fun and what memories!

    Take care,

  3. I agree with Tanya...girl, you look great for 69. Time has been good to you. Love the long basket. I think the colored jars will look great in it. As usual, you are super busy with all your trips and friends. You so enjoy life...I love that about you and your hubby. Have a great week. Blesssings!

  4. Karen - I wish your schedule wasn't so full, I would have loved to meet you on your trip. The basket from Ann is wonderful. Happy late birthday! Amy

  5. Happy belated Birthday to you!! I have to agree with the others, you look fantastic!!
    Love all your treasures, especially that basket.
    Have a great trip!!
    We are headed out next week ourselves, can't wait.


  6. Happy Birthday Sweet Friend.
    What a surprise from your hubby.
    This heat is not my friend either.
    Woolie Blessings

  7. Hi Karen! Happy belated birthday!! You do look fabulous! The cake was beautiful and I bet it tasted yummy.... What a nice surprise from your hubby!
    Your DIL is really very talented. I wouldn't know where to begin to put together such fun items with those springs. They are sooooo cute! I also love that long basket and would love to see it when you have it complete with jars and flowers! All of your flea markets finds are wonderful!
    Have fun on your trip with the grands.... sounds like a fun time!

  8. Lovely long post and a very Happy Birthday. Sounds like your trip is going to be lots of fun. If you have your own car when you go to Gettysburg I can really recommend hiring a guide who drives you around. They really make the events come to life.

  9. hi have been so busy ,but yet you still find time for us....i love your blog and hearing all about what you have been up too.....i see you are coming my way.....i dont think i will make it to dawns....but i sure hope she has a huge turnout....we just bought a cottage on the i will be enjoying that and will be busy decorating it for us....please take lots of pictures....

  10. oh...i forgot to say....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU......even if i am late

  11. Okay lady....I can't believe you are 69!!!!! I thought you were early look wonderful. Happy Birthday. Love the basket you picked up..and your other goodies.

  12. Happy Stitchy Birthday ~ this'll be the last one, right?! xo

  13. Happy belated birthday..but there is no way you are that old. Bob and I will be joining in on the fun after the show. Stashing prim antiques and goodies just for this show. Glad the rains came and cooled things down a bit. Have a great wee. Janice

  14. 69 years young!!!Could have fooled me
    Karen..I would have never guessed that. Happy belated birthday to you.

    Can't wait for Sept. 7th.

  15. Happy belated birthday. Wow I didn't think you were 69, sure don't look a day over 62.

    Love your basket and the jars.

    Google Reader is what they took away. Some thought it was Google Friend Connect and Blogger has its own reading list that is different from Google Reader.

    I thought Lititz was in September. Wow might have to try to get there in August.


  16. Happy Birthday Karen, you look like a teenager. I agree you are the most beautiful 69 year old that I have ever saw. I love Amish books, that one sounds awesome. Doesn't Ann make the most beautiful baskets, I have a few of her baskets and love them.
    Have a wonderful time on your trip with your grandchildren! Love all of your awesome finds, have a wonderful rest of the summer. hugs, Lecia

  17. Happy Birthday Karen!
    You found some wonderful treasures.
    Love the basket from Ann.
    Have a wonderful week!


  18. I do hope you are feeling better. Hope your birthday was amazing! Dianntha

  19. Really Karen?
    You are 69?
    I simply can't believe it, what is your secret?
    Come on spill the beans!
    Love all the other stuff, have fun on that trip!

  20. Happy belated birthday! As everyone has said - you do NOT look even near your age. Great new items and a wonderful basket, along with great spring sculptures!

  21. Happy Birthday, my friend! Your cake looks yummmy! Love the basket you got. O my, I'm gonna have to check out her site....have a fun and safe trip! Hugs...K

  22. All the best to you on your birthday!!!

    May you have a terrific year full of blessings. Wishing you well. God bless,

  23. Happy happy birthday sweet friend..
    The cake is looking super yummy and I am a sweet tooth love it ❤
    You found some lovely treasure...
    The basket is so cute too..
    Blessings and love for you x

  24. Happy belated birthday, Kare. You certainly don't look the BIG Have fun on our trip. Will ou see Lori? She has been so quiet lately. I would love to go to Dawns, but don't think it is doable this year with all the going on here.

  25. You've been busy! Happy Belated Birthday!

  26. Karen,
    I agree, you don't look 69 my dear! Loved all the pics and news. Take care and happy, happy belated b~day. Wishing you many blessings. Hugs, Lori

  27. You've certainly been busy...doing fun stuff. :-)

    I LOVE the metal sculptures.

    Happy birthday! (I have one coming up tomorrow.)

  28. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh my, would never have guessed your age. Guess these numbers are creeping up everywhere. Time sure does fly! Great post, everything you showed was great. Can't wait until September! We are all going to have so much fun. By the way, this isn't exactly a craft show. There are a lot of dealers coming with early primitive antiques too (just for you info). It should be great! Talk soon, Dawn

  29. Hi Karen, It sounds like you're having a wonderful summer, hot or not.
    I hope you'll enjoy your trip to Annapolis.. I'm originally from Maryland and used to love to go there for seafood.. YUMMY ! You'll find are some really nice shops there and water and boats.
    Your Grandchildren are so fortunate to be able to take that trip with you.
    I love your new basket..
    Oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday. I hope you're going to celebrate the whole month of July. You're a young gal in more ways than one. I'll bet your cake was delish.
    Can't wait to hear about your adventures. Have a very safe trip.
    Hugs, Charlotte in Va.

  30. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Lovely treasures especially the throw!

  31. Oh my word, Karen, you do not look your age.. I am sure your dear man made a mistake.. Hope you had a wonderful day as you are such a dear lady.. Love your post and news.. Take care, my friend.. xo

  32. Happy Birthday Karen!!! I am sure it was a wonderful day!!! I so hope you get hip/back issues all fixed up so you can enjoy your trips and get to Mesa!!!!! let me know how the show is in Holly, I was invited to do it as well, but we are coming home from vacation that day and I just couldn't change it... OLM

  33. Happy belated Birthday Karen!! You look amazing and so beautiful! I honestly thought you were closer to my age (60) or even younger.
    I love to read but have not yet read the Amish books, will have to add them to my list of books to get. Wonder if my library has them :)

  34. Happy Birthday Girl friend... you look FANTASTIC!! I turned 50 yesterday and you look way younger than me! I love your new basket; I used to make baskets and made one very similar a loooong time ago. :)

  35. Happy belated birthday, Karen! Your itinerary looks full, but doable!!!
    I love the jars you purchased and I can't believe $1 each! Have a safe and fun trip.

  36. Happy Birthday, Karen! You need to share your secret with you stay looking so young!
    Love all the springs!

  37. Happy Birthday...I thought the candles were a joke. I just can't believe you are 69. You look amazing! I love your new basket!


  38. Happy Birthday to you - the cake looked yummy:) and I so agree - you look fantastic. Wow you packed a lot into your post - sounds like you've been busy and have lots going on in the coming days/weeks. Those little spring creations are adorable - a very talented DIL for sure. Enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Hugs - Karen


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