Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This has been the busiest week

And I mean busy – it hasn’t let up…well I think Thursday there isn’t anything going on so I’ll make something happen! LOL
I may go to my nieces place and see what they have cooked up for the upcoming wedding of Krista my great-niece.
She is getting married August 17th so it’s coming up fast.
It’s going to be a fun and cute wedding.  She’s a farm girl all the way and that’s a good thing!!!  Camo/burlap/jugs/bottles and Yellow flowers. I’m even going to get some big Sunflowers from Dan Dipaol’s farm next week to take to her for it.

My niece and the girls came over last week and took home all the 1800’s antique jugs and bottles we had plus 2 twig wreaths - you name it she got it – oh ya, quilts also left here! 
Tina is creative so she will make this work.
Oh…there will be old quilts on all the tables too!

So I fixed a light late afternoon meal of Mediterranean BLT’s and Spinach/Strawberry salad.  And for dessert I had made skewers of Strawberries and mini Cream Puffs – they were a hit.
Then they all left (after fixing a flat tire on the van) for the Brewers game in Milwaukee.

I didn’t take a picture of the sandwiches after they were under the broiler…sorry!

 Strawberry salad

This past weekend we headed up north to Doug’s cousins for the annual cousins reunion – the weather did not play nice with us though….it reached a high of 42 for all 3 days and RAINED.  They actually had the furnace running for 3 days it was so cold.  But a great time was had.
cousins group 

And….Ruth Ann (in green top on right) is in a Ukulele band so she had some of the members come over on Sat. afternoon and perform for us.  They call themselves ‘The Ukuladies and Lads’ as there are 2 gentlemen in the band as well.  There were 10 there which was about half of the group.
It may sound ‘hokey’ to you being a Ukulele band, but THEY WERE FANTASTIC!
band 2


On the way up north we stopped at two great places.
One was in Rice Lake and lots of you know Cathy from http://orangesink.blogspot.com/
Oh my – it was a dream to step into her studio…I know you won’t like this but the photos will come at another post…this one would get too long.
But a wonderful time was had and she gave me a parting gift – sooooo sweet!
A darling sheep hooked rug kit – yummy!
Thanks so much Cathy for the great afternoon….so fun to meet you.
 Cathy 2

 cathy and karen

And then when we left there we headed about 30 miles north to Vicki’s shop ‘Simply’
And again…disappointing you I know – pictures later!
But I did enjoy the time there too.
Karen and Vicki
Couldn’t leave there without purchasing treasures though (later folks…lol)

This is as much as I’m going to tease you with today because I have so much to put on here.
Cathy’s shop and treasures
Vicki’s shop and treasures
And the chairs! Oh my goodness the chairs….so glad we got them but LATER!!!

I will certainly try and get that post on at least Friday – as we are leaving early Saturday morning with Emily and Joe on our weeks trip east to see the country.
Lancaster, Gettysburg, Annapolis, Baltimore and New York City!
Going to be a fun trip with a 13 and 15 year old who love history and fun.

Blessings to all




  1. OK I have to know where the store is North of Rice Lake...that is driving distance for me and I would love to go. The wedding sounds like it is going to be so fun! I can't wait to see those pictures. You are such a tease though with your pictures, well keeps us all coming back...that and your great personality! Have a great one Karen!
    Be blessed,

  2. Your niece's wedding sounds like it will be FUN and unique :) Love the idea of quilts on the tables.
    Have a wonderful trip East! Look forward to seeing more photos.
    hugs, Neenee


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