Thursday, December 18, 2008


Are there some days that are just more fun than others? Today was one of those days…well, I guess I can’t say FUN as in frolicking kind of fun, but more meaningful and full of personal rewards and family fun.

We had lunch with my Stepfather ‘Boots’, and his wife Virginia, my brother Gene and his wife Gail and my sister Shirley.

Story is; Boots married my mother 5 weeks before I married Doug….they were married 5 years when she got Lymphoma Cancer….she was battling it for exactly a year before it took her at age 49!

About a year after he married Virginia and I must tell say I was a bit sad by this - seemed she was taking moms place. Virginia was my mothers friend and co-worker so I felt a bit of a betrayal plus she divorced her husband upon moms death.

Over the years we visited with them and it didn’t take long to accept Virginia. She couldn’t have been more gracious and accepting of us kids in Boots’ life and it has been like a family since.....which has been 40 years now.

Mom was Boot’s first love and to this day when we’re around she is brought up with love, and Virginia carries on the conversation with us. So lesson is don’t judge before you know.

We get together now and then for dinners and we visit each other, so today was one of those days….we had our holiday lunch and it was also my brothers 71st birthday….he has the crew cut and I sure don’t think he looks 71, do you????

We met at the restaurant at 12:30 and finally left at 3:30.…by that I meant it was a FUN DAY!
Here we are waiting for Boots and Virginia....they were a tad late!
Left to right: Me, my brother Gene, Doug, Gene's wife Gail, my sister.

Finally at our table...Boots and Virginia are there now.
Can you believe she's 86 and he's 85!!!

I promised a surprise didn’t I?
Wednesday night at our holiday get-together dinner here, one of my guests gave me a gift and when I opened it my jaw dropped and I do think there was a tear in my eye when I saw what it was….THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS BOOK!!!

Can you believe it after I just posted all the versions of the book over the last 200 years?

And the cool part is….she didn’t even know that I had a blog or that I had posted this. It couldn’t have been a more appropriate gift for the time.

The book is on very heavy glossy paper and is about 10 x 12

This is the original version of the book

My darling little faceless doll arrived today...she traveled well and was happy to be home.

Thanks Dawn, from The Forgotten Barn, she will be well cared for!

I so hope you enjoy my posts...they aren't anything special but just a journal of my days.

Hugs to all.


  1. What a nice family gathering...and I think as we all grow and mature, we digress. Either that or your closed minded and lonely...!! What a beautiful book.

  2. Thanks for your transparency. I am sure many can relate to such a story but hold unforgiveness which makes this time of year especially difficult.

  3. How nice...just think all you would have missed if you hadn't digressed:)

    The book is so neat and I'm so happy for you that she gave it to you even not knowing about your neat is that?

  4. Karen,
    What a wonderful sursprise to get the book...and she didn't even know you had posted about it on your blog.

  5. How nice that you still continue to include Boots into your life. You all look so good and happy. I love Christmas time how it brings all the family together.

    What a special gift to receive from your friend and that she didn't even know. I know you will treasure that one forever.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)


  6. What a wonderful day for you and your family, Karen. You all look very happy. Great surprise about that lovely book.


  7. Hi Karen-
    What a beautiful family, I'm happy ya all had a "Wonderful Thursday", together!
    ...and what a treasure, to receive that book....such a sweet and very unique gift....serendipity?!!

    ~Merry Christmas~


  8. That is so weird about the book. But what a wonderful gift.

  9. I love this post! Your mom left you an angel and you didn't even realize it. I always tell my children that you have to go through things in your life to get where you are going. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story and your gifts. Merry Christmas!

  10. I sure hope I look that good when I'm in my 80's!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I bet you were surprised when you opened your book!! Hugs, Jax

  11. Aren't those just the kind of days that help carry us through the tougher ones? I think it is so special how you were able to overcome your doubts and hurts and just made room in your life to love more. What a beautiful heart you have, Karen!

    And that book ... oh I am just passionate for old books ... especially children's book. What a perfect gift!


  12. Well... Hello there, Karen

    Can you believe Christmas is upon us??? Goodness, how time has past by so quickly. Enjoy, your family...

    Hugs, Pamela

  13. Such a lovely gathering with family, especially when hearts are knitted and bonded together like that! LOVE those old books!!!!! I'm drooling here!



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