Saturday, January 10, 2009


Many times I've been asked where I craft - well, all over the house actually - but I do all my designing, cutting, placing pieces on the fabric....all the messy preps in the upstairs craft room/office.

It was originally one of our son's bedrooms, then my husbands office/2nd guest bedroom and then when I took over the guest bed got taken down and in I came! lol
But Doug still has the same space he had originally - but I sure did surround him.

And yes, after I'm done cutting, etc, it does look like this - one thing I can't stand is to come back up there to do more work and have piles of cut fabrics, scissors, etc. all over the place. I find things much faster this way.....and I guess I'll admit it...I'm kind of a neat freak but not in a bad way, really! Just like to be organized.

I think that was taught to me in Home-Ec class back in the 60's (yeah, I, she's old!) but it stuck. Home-Ec back then we were taught the basics of being a good home maker and wife...I think it needs to be that way again...but I digressed didn't I.

So, this is where I do my work....where do you do yours???

See, he still has a space left to work at....I wasn't all that pushy! lol

And the loveseat in the den is where I spend all my sewing time....and I can see the tv from there which is in the family room below....but mostly I don't watch tv.


  1. Wow, Karen, you have put me to shame, LOL. I try to be organized but the things I work with (basketweaving supplies) are hard to contain in a small area. I have taken over one of the bedrooms and my sewing machine is there on a small table in front of the window, then I have a large table for weaving, then the rest is shelves full of stuff, plus the closet. Simon also put up pegboard in our pole building and I have lots of dyed reed hanging out there. After seeing your room, I had better get with it.


  2. Karen
    I am amazed at how organized you are. I could never show my space. I only have fragments of time to work so I'm always in a mess. I do agree that it's easier if I would clean up each time though. I should probably try just doing all the cutting at once maybe?
    Is that piles of wool?? Love the colors. I have tons of fabric for quilting but am just building my wool stash.
    I am cleaning up today and working on some cutting and some candles. I'd better get off the computer and get started.

  3. Hi Karen!
    Well, I do my the dining room and in the famiy room and in the kitchne...and in the get the picture! :) My sewing macing is on my dining table and that DRIE ME NUTS! I have no Crafting Room-so I have to make room! :) I can't stand clutter or having things outta place, so doin crafts through out the house is a constant "clean-up" for me! I spend more time getting things out and putting them away than I do on crafting! :(
    I love your space, if I had a space that that...I think I would get so much more done! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I am so Jealous of your work space...My son moved into my spare room where I had "shop" set up...He is getting ready to go back to college full I am going to "clean house" when he goes..reclaim my space...

    Let me know when your in the area. It would be great to meet you, I'm sure I can make arrangements to do so! Have a great Week-end!

  5. I have that same cart with the wire baskets in my room.
    I'm working on my room now, so I'll show pictures when I get finished.
    Your space is wonderful Karen, and yes, you did leave Doug plenty of room. haha!

  6. Wow, are you ever organized and I love it, I think that's why I don't craft things to much because my diningroom table always looks a mess and I'm kind of a neat freak too:) Yours looks so inviting to go on and get starting on something. We have a free bedroom but it gets used by Jennifer or Michael when they come home soooo:{
    Have a wonderful day and I love your post today!

  7. What a great crafting area you have...Love it!

  8. That room is every crafters dream! I just craft everywhere and anywhere I can! Love that room you do your sewing in!

  9. Wow Karen, your workspace is so organized. I try but things tend to always be untidy in a workable way, if that sounds right.LOL
    Love the picture of the old chair, just bought myself a really old quaint chair almost like your one.
    Laptop down so am working on this old one, will put picture up as soon as I am back.

  10. Thanks for the peek at your super organized space. I got mine in order finally just before Christmas and one of my resolutions is to try to keep it semi organized. I will post some pics of my "batcave" over on my blog, just to remind myself how it is supposed to look!

  11. Oh to be that organized would make me sooooo happy! I have a spare bedroom with my sewing machine that i share with my grandaughter as her play space! Then i have an eat in Kitchen, Kinda of a breakfast room that i have my office and a table for painting signs and such. I love your space!

  12. Wow Karen! Ide LOVE to have a room and space like that to craft in!
    Im all over the house really, if I sit in one spot for too long my kids are in another room making a HUGE mess so I kinda gotta walk around and follow them!!

  13. I am so jealous! I have a room just for crafting, but 99% of the time you can barely get in the door. I end up doing whatever wherever I happen to, dining room, even the living room sometimes. Oh, to be so organized! Can I print out pictures (or will you send them to me??) of your room to remind me how it suppose to look????

    Thanks for sharing! And hugs!

  14. As if I would show you mine after seeing that type of organization. I have stuff all over the house. I have a sewing room on one side of the house and a painting room on the other side (it's a long walk between them) and a mess in the basement for florals and all the florals stored in the attic and the wood stuff in the basement and the fabric in another room (different from the sewing room) and the beads in the sewing room and well you get the picture, or maybe you don't want to! I was a child of the 70's, we were not taught organization and besides all that running around gives me the exercise that I don't get otherwise.


  15. I turned my sunroom into my crafting/jewelry making room, but kept the wicker furniture and decorations. I just LOVE your den! Great blog.

  16. Goodness... Karen, you sure are... neat! I like to be... but it is hard around here. I have a Sewing Area in the Gathering Place, a Painting Area in the Main Shop & my Office/Stitching Area is in my Home in a spare bedroom all nestled on 4 arces. So I feel at thymes I do more running...

    Thank you for sharing... made me want to be more organized... LOL...

    Hoping you a Wonderful Evening, Pamela

  17. Karen-Wow are you organized. Thats great. I usually start something upstairs in the spare bedroom then end up on the dinning room table or the kitchen table. I haven't had alot of time lately to craft so its actually pretty clean. I still havent taken my Christmas things down. Oh Well my son said let them up for awhile. I think I will.

  18. I have a spare bedroom I use & my kichen for the candlemaking.
    I have to admit my craft room does not look like yours after I am done- you are amazing!

  19. Hi Karen,
    My sewing/crafting area is in our family room in the basement. (We live in a Tri-level.)I try to keep it clean, but during craft show can get messy. I do most of my painting in the dining room as I love to have the view of our backyard while I paint. We have alot of trees and it is so pretty to look at during the different seasons.

  20. Well, I don't have a craft room or really any set space. My stuff is stashed throughout the house. I stand up and craft at the kitchen counter, sit on the couch or my bed and stitch while watching TV and sew in my bedroom on the bench at the end of the bed. Someday I'll have my own space....but for now, I just trash the house! LOL

  21. Great post - I love seeing where creative people create! I am blessed with my own office/craft room and id a post on it awhile back. It will be our grand baby's 'guest room' too someday so everything is in behind cabinets, cupboards and the closet is full. I even have an old trunk in my hubby's office/den full of felt and stuffing. We can alway use more room for our 'stuff'!!

    Have a great Sunday!

  22. Hi,Did you pick up your award on my blog from Jan 5 ? Please let me know .
    Prim Hugs & Blesings,

  23. I see you did !
    Prim Hugs & Blesings,

  24. Karen, I am envious of your studio! I tried to find a mess but you don't have one...not even one tucked away. How do you do it? I can tell from yours that you don't hang on to stuff you know you won't use. I think that's my problem I hang on thinking "oh I might use that" knowing I think the item is past its time. ack. I guess this means I need to clean. Mine is shameful I tell ya...shameful.

  25. Karen, an amazingly NEAT craft area!!!! Looks wonderful!!
    I do my crafting on my dining room table. Our extra bedroom - which was turned into our computer room ( very small room - could only hold a single bed and dresser) has also turned into my craft storage room. Not a pretty sight. Door is kept closed to visitors, lol.

    Please stop by my site when you get a chance - I have an award for you.


  26. I have a 10' x 10' spare bedroom that is overflowing with scrapbooking, quilting, wool, applique, you name it. I can't even find the floor! Unfortunately I have to pack it all up so DD can move back home. Need to come up with plan B. Someday they will all be gone and NOT return! But I love them anyway.

  27. That is way too organized for me. I'm ashamed of my mess ;0

  28. Karen,
    I should be so ashamed of myself after looking at your photo's!!
    I have never seen a work space so put together.
    It looks GREAT!

  29. Oh that is such a nice place to create. I recently carved out a little space for myself but am still shopping for some shelves for fabric. I simply cannot wait to see tall shelves stacked with cotton and wool.

    Are you making two dollies that I saw hanging on your wall? I am in a doll kinda mood right now.

    Did you get your cake made?


  30. I am so glad to hear it just wasn't me! LOL of course it was wonderful, but bu between you and me and anyone else that reads this - it wasn't how I would have preferred my home to be portrayed. But it indeed was an honor and I am thrilled and anyone that knows me, knows my real home! LOL Do you know when yours will be out? I can't wait to see it!!

  31. Holy Smokes,
    That is one large, and very clean and organized craft room!
    No way would I post pics of mine, you would go into sensory overload:)

  32. What a great crafting space! How nice of you to leave him room to work! I just took over the whole room! I am not as nice as you are! lol

  33. YOu have totally inspired me to organize my space. I love when it looks neat because it is so much easier to be creative. Thanks for sharing your pics! Your blog is great!
    Take care,

  34. For some reason..your new post are not showing on my "blogs I follow"...I'll have to figure that out!!!

    You are very neat and studio only stays that way if I stay out of there! I usually work all over the house....I have a chair in the living room that I usually sew in...I keep some things on the dining room that is where I sketch things out..and I paint while standing at the kitchen'm all over the place!


  35. You sure make me want to organize my stuff! I had a craft room and then one of my children moved back in with us and then another moved back get the picture? Then I had to move my stuff to my bedroom. I need my space!!!! I envy your craft room!!

  36. Hi Karen-
    Missin' ya out here in 'blogland'!! :(

    Hopin that you're just very busy, and that's why I haven't seen ya!


  37. Karen, your house is very beautiful and convenient! I very much liked your workplace. I think, all is there very conveniently located. At you it is necessary to learn to be organised!:)


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