Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Remember way back when….I was having some Sheep made and couldn’t find the person making them…well, she found me and after a bit my ‘Flock Came Home’….we sure are good Sheepherder’s!  lol
They arrived all tucked neatly in a box delivered by my favorite package carrier…UPS.
I received 6 of these beauties and now I need to get them photographed with a blanket and get them on my website.

I’m selling them for $42 Total…that’s one sheep and one blanket and then the extra seasonal/designed blankets are $15.00 additional.
Sheep Box 2
Bottom layer of sheep
Sheep 2
Inside this wonderful box of sheep was this adorable hand made Pumpkin from Justina…isn’t she just the sweetest person?
You must visit Justina’s blog:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
I know I have posted photos of my dining room before but last week I changed a couple of the cupboards around and I really like it now.
I angled the tall red one this time and now I can see it better anywhere in the room – it was flat against the wall before.
And I switched the bench with the red pie safe – like this much better too.
Guess this post got a tad long but I think I feel chatty today.
Doug left for Texas on a delivery so I’ve had a few days alone to think and sew and mope and whatever one does when they are alone…EAT!
Picked myself up a Subway sandwich for dinner tonight – didn’t want a greasy McDonalds and besides when I go there I can’t resist a Chocolate Shake…so best to stay away.
Have a good one and thanks for visiting me again.
Hugs to all my wonderful followers and all the new faces and even the anonymous guests.


  1. Hi Karen....thanks for visiting my blog. This is so much fun chatting with all of you Kindred Spirits!
    Your sheep are so cute and I do like the changes you made in your dining room. I moved furniture today too and I am starting to feel it!
    Chat with you soon.

  2. Hi Karen!....the changes you made in the dining room look great and I love the seasonal display you have on your table!


  3. Karen,
    Love the way the DR is looking. The trencher on the table looks awesome.

  4. Hi Karen,
    Your dining room looks great! I love the arrangement! I really like that bench angled like that. Love the sheep too!

  5. I love your flock. :) The dining room looks great! Subway sounds good to me. :)


  6. Karen, Can you please come over and help me with my dining room or maybe even the whole house? I need you. I seem to be so plain Jane. Your dining room is so cozy and beautiful. I love the sheep too.

  7. Love the sheep...your diningroom is wonderful, I did a little tweaking today too!

  8. I am so glad your flock found their way home so you can get their warm blankets on before the chilly weather sets in!!

    When David travels on business, I tend to eat more too if I am not careful so I keep some Lean Cuisine in the freezer.

    I love the changes you made in the dining room. Years ago I had my red cupboard against a wall and when I angled it, it made all the difference. I like the bench near the door better too. It steers guests in the right direction but still allows the room to feel open. The room looks so nice with the new floor and curtains and all your changes!!

  9. Hi Karen! The changes you made in your dining room look great! I just love the paint color you chose for your sets everything off perfectly! Subway was a good choice! (:

  10. Love the changes you made, Karen! I like the cabinet angled so it can be seen. It looks like a good sized room. The new floor just looks fab and I LOVE those curtains.

  11. Hi Karen....those sheep are going to be teriffic. Can't wait to see them all decked out in their finery!

    I love that you moved the big red cupboard on an angle. It really looks good. Also, I see that you switched a couple of cupboards, too. That is something I should do. Gives everything a wonderful new look.

    Doug will be home soon.


  12. Hi Karen,
    Yes, Justina is a sweetie :)
    Love those sheep and what a nice lil punkin she tucked in too!

    Love your dining room!
    All your changes look's amazing how moving a piece just a bit will make such a difference!

    Hope your hubs gets back home to ya, soon. ;)

  13. Hi Karen, just wanted to tell you how much I love what you've done to your dining room. Those curtains are so wonderful! (Secret - sometimes I look forward to a couple of days alone!) Have a great day, Dawn

  14. Karen,

    I love the sheep, I have a thing about sheep. LOL! The dining room looks great, I love all the changes you made. It looks good. Thanks for leaving comments on my blog I really do appreciate it.


  15. Hi Karen,
    Love the sheep...they will look so wonderful with your handmade blankets on them.
    The changes you made in your dining room look great!!
    hugs, Cindy

  16. Hi Karen, Love the sheep! They are adorable! Can't wait to see you dress them all up! And love how you angled the red cabinet in the DR. I've been tweaking too but never really thought about that... Keeping it in minf doe the future.


  17. Your flock is adorable. I also like the little fuzzy sheep in your header. Can't wait to see your new ones on your website with their little cozy blankets.
    Karen we never tire of looking at pictures of your home. Everything looks so warm and inviting. Personally I like things on an angle and your cupboard looks just great how you have it.
    Enjoy your day.

  18. OH my goodness Karen..the dining room is gorgeous!!!!

    Hugs, Doreen

  19. The sheep are gorgeous... love their little legs. :o) Your diningroom is beautiful.

  20. Hi Karen~
    I'm so glad to know that your sheep came home safely. I hope you post a picture of them with their wool blankies. :)
    Your home is lovely and I love that bench by your door!! Did you make it?
    I mope and eat too, when I'm alone. I hope your sweetie comes home soon.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  21. Good morning - I like how you moved your furniture around. I enjoy doing that too. Makes things feel good.

    I need to start getting my fall items out because the weather here is definitely feeling fall.

    Please post some pictures of your sheep in their finest.

    Have a great day.


  22. Love the changes that you made. Everything looks so fallish!!! Glad that you received your sheep!!

  23. Hi Karen thanks for stopping at my blog.I just had to stop in also. I love your decorating style I will have to follow you also!!!!

  24. Your flock is fabulous, and your dining room is delightful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  25. I LOVE visiting your blog! It's always so inspiring!

  26. Glad for the new arrivals. Will have to save up my money for the Home Show. Hope you're surviving without Doug! Hugs!

  27. Hi Karen ~~ Catching your new photo format..all your texture pics look fabulous !!
    Love your flock that showed up at your house...and all the changes you made in the dining room. Sending Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  28. Hey Karen! I love your changes and the sheep are cute! But I really love the one in your header! That one is awesome!

    Your diningroom is so wonderful! I just love everything in it.

    I hope you are having a great week so far.

  29. Your sheep are adorable and will look even better once they have their blankets :0)

    Good choice on Subway over McD's ;0)
    Kim - Oh LOVE your pictures too, always do!!

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