Thursday, October 1, 2009


(Update to heading)
MAYBE THE HEADING IS MISS-LEADING….I WILL BE HERE – JUST NOT AS OFTEN  FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON…I don’t want anyone to think I’m not going to post because I know me and I can’t stop blabbering! lol So keep coming back to check – I’ll find something now and then….so that being said, here’s the rest of the original post.

This is the start of my busy holiday season so you probably won’t be seeing much of me around here for a bit…..I will pop on now and then to visit blogs but there won’t be much happening in my world. I don’t expect to see much going on except sewing.

I received a few good sized orders and need to get my ‘stock of merchandise’ going or I won’t have a show the end of November.

I got a surprise package in the mail just a few minutes ago and it was the ‘promised’ Bittersweet from Linda at :  She read my Bittersweet dilemma and shipped off a box of it to me. How sweet is that – and she was so generous….just look at the wonderful cluster she sent. I guess I’ve never seen real up close Bittersweet before but this is beautiful. I’m going to be watching it daily till it pops! THANK YOU LINDA.


I did finally get my second batch of Jar toppers done – this time they have the Jack-O-Lantern face and I just love the look! They aren’t even spooky…just cute. I don’t like creepy spooky. I made 24 of them yesterday and have 12 left.


I also had an order from an Australian lady for one of my sheep with a Saltbox blanket of it….I’m loving this one!


In June when we took our last Pennsylvania trip it was to go to Doug’s cousins daughter’s graduation. Kylee is just the sweetest girl I have ever met – she and I bonded 7 years ago when on a cruise her mother had an aneurism on the second day out and was taken by motor boat to the port of Jamaica and then flown by a hospital jet to Ft. Lauderdale hospital where she spent 8 weeks in the hospital. I was called when it happened and was asked if I could come out and take care of Kylee and Grandma Myrt while they were in Fort Lauderdale so I did.

I spent the 8 weeks there and although it was stressful worrying about Linda, I had a great time with Kylee – she was just 11 then and it was dance lessons, Viola lessons, Piano lessons and just girlie things for that time.

Kylee has a special place in my heart and has from the day they brought her home from the Philly airport when she arrived in the US from Korea at age 10 months as daughter to John and Linda…what a proud day.

Oh, Linda came home in perfect health and went back to teaching that term. Amazing when she had 4 aneurisms during her time in the hospital plus 2 surgeries. She’s a walking miracle with no side effects.

So here are Kylee and me at her Graduation party and the whole family (Linda’s mother, Doug’s aunt Myrt) last month when they were back home here in Wisconsin visiting aunt Myrt. John and I are the same age…we were out to dinner celebrating our 65th birthdays.



Oh, one last thing….I just received a picture of the Saltbox/Sheep window hanging that I did special order. She sent the most wonderful note along with it and she LOVES IT. In the picture it looks lighter than the original on the left but they are the same color…it’s the light coming through the window.

MaryAnns Hanging

So I think that’s it for me for now….I know this was a long one but I had to get it all in. You never know thought…something good might come up that I just have to chat about…lol   Let’s hope, huh?


  1. Hi Karen, who says the post office doesn't deliver in a timely manner!
    So fast that the berries haven't popped yet.
    That's a sweet story of you and Kylee and what a recovery for her Mom. Try not to stay away from blogging too long!

  2. I will miss you at this busy time . Be sure to take a little special time for yourself after all life is short!!
    Kylee is so beautiful. Thank Goodness her mom is fine. What a wonderful blessing for both of you to have such a close bond.
    I am glad life is keeping you in "stitches". Your work is beautiful.

  3. those window hangings did a fantastic job.

    How sweet of Linda to send you some bittersweet!!! That is a lovely gesture.

    Things are crazy busy here to and I truthfully and finding it extremely hard to keep up with I do not blame you one bit for giving the "i'll be scarce warning" to us :)

    Hugs to you! Joyous October and happy creating,

  4. Karen ~
    I know what you mean about being busy. Never enough hours in the day ~ why do we have to sleep?? How sweet of Linda to send you the bittersweet & I love your jar toppers. Try not to stay away too long but it's good to be making things you love.

  5. I sure will miss you, it's always a treat to click on your blog:)

    Wonderful of Linda to send you the bittersweet, she is such a sweetie!
    Also good luck on your home show:)

  6. I know what it's like to get ready for a show, so make sure you take good care of yourself Karen.
    Linda is a sweetie. I've 'known' her for about 3 yrs. and she's always upbeat too.
    Kylee is such a beauty, and how awesome her mom is doing fine.
    Take care!

  7. Hi Karen!....the bittersweet is lovely, now you'll just have to post pictures of where you end up putting it!

    Your jar toppers and sheep are very cute and the window topper you specially made looks great, I'm sure your customer is thrilled with it!


  8. Hello Karen! I enjoyed your post~Kylee is beautiful! And so are don't look 65! Your jar toppers are so cute, not scarey at all! (: What a lovely gift of bittersweet! Your window toppers are so pretty! Besh wishes for your holiday sales!~Kathy

  9. That was so great of Linda to send you the bittersweet...I always say, "Blog Buddies are The Best!"
    I love the blanket and the sheep...your customer is going to be very happy!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I loved hearing about the story of you and Kylee. So sweet. Love all of your goodies. Good luck getting ready for the show. We will miss you so you can't be gone for long.

  11. Well have fun on your "break" Oh wait will it really be fun??? all the stress of getting finished LOL. Anyway the jar toppers are awesome as well as the sweet annie. Those window coverings uh WOW!!!!! See you soon.


  12. Karen,

    I love the sheep and the curtains. It turned out great! Take care and don't try to do too much getting ready for the season.


  13. Oh Karen, Kylee is such a beautiful girl! That is a great pic of the two of you! Glad her mom is is fine.
    I love your jar toppers and the window treatment is just gorgeous.
    How sweet of Linda to send you some bittersweet! Blog-buds are truly the BEST ;)
    You're gonna be missed girl, I know about busy...not enough hours in the day :) and I know you're very busy! You're work is awesome!


  14. It's okay to not post as much, Karen! You are blessed to have the business this season! You do such beautiful work! And speaking of beautiful, Ms. Kylee is beautiful! And how nice of Linda to send the bittersweet! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Goodness girl you don't look 65 AT ALL!! You are a lovely lady with an equally lovely heart!
    Sounds like your business is quite blessed!

    Have a great day and Happy (belated)B-day!


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