Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today started out much better than the past week. 
I am officially out of my slump…I need to tear into things now and not only that I WANT TO! Didn’t think that feeling was going to come about none too soon but WHEW it’s here.

We went to Brett and Heather’s house (our youngest son) today for Brunch at 10:00 a.m. and what a wonderful day we had.

Our entire family was there to celebrate
w Doug’s 68th birthday
w Dan and Jamie’s birthdays (Dan’s wife)
   both their birthdays are Sunday!
w A very late Christmas celebration with Darren, MaryAnn and
Aidan (they didn’t make it to ours on Christmas –
  Aidan was sick) 
w To give a safe and fun send off to Emily going to Disney
   World on Monday
w Wish Grandpa Doug well with his surgery on Monday

So we had lots to celebrate and we certainly did that for the entire day

Here’s a few pictures during the day. Again, most of my pictures are blurry so I couldn’t use them So enjoy!

Aidan never had seen Brett and Heather’s dogs before and he was thrilled with them…both dogs are the same kind.AidanAmber

Some serious talk????DougHeatherDan


Heather made two different Egg Bakes and this one here was just delicious – filled with ham and cheese

And then the other one which was just plain egg, cheese.
We also had sausage links, fruits and Danish Kringle, and I took fixings for Mimosa’s

Dan made these awesome French Twists with Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese and then tossed in salt…very, very good!


Emily and Joe

Jamie (birthday girl)

After we ate Emily and Joe thought Grandpa should see what Wii is all about.
Both are trying to show him how to go about holding the control.

Here they are well into a game!

Darren has been playing with their Wii at home and trying to use it for therapy – he has gained some use of the right arm and can swing his arm with the control but if he tried to lift his arm in the air from the shoulder he wouldn’t be able to … and he can only hold something in his hand for about 2 minutes then he looses use of it….please continue to pray that the healing will be complete.

Besides spending money we gave Emily a Locking Diary/Journal to take to Florida with her….She was one of 18 chosen from grades 6-8 to participate this year in the JASON PROJECT and Monday they are all going to Disney World for a week of learning…classes everyday and hopefully a little time for some fun. (She’s in grade 6)

And then Aidan had to get his funny groove on!


Our other two grandchildren, Alexandra and Jesse (Dan’s children) didn’t make it…Alexandra had to work until one and Jesse must have been at one of his buddies….but we did have a great day.

w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

Monday Doug goes in for day surgery on the right side of his neck just under the jaw bone to remove a tumor.
And my uncle passed away yesterday and the funeral will be Tuesday morning.
If Doug has to stay overnight I won’t go to the funeral but if he gets to come home Monday late, then I will go into Janesville to the funeral by myself.

I doubt I will be on here Monday or even Tuesday but will certainly see you all Wednesday.
Thanks for visiting me and have a great Sunday!

w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

I also want to THANK everyone who participated in my YARD SALE on PictureTrail…it was a huge success.
It started at 12:30 Friday with 40 items and by 6 that night there were 6 left. THANK YOU EVERYONE.



  1. Oh Karen! It looks like all of you had a wonderful time!!
    Prayers for Doug's surgery on Monday!

  2. Karen, I am so sorry about your uncle. And Doug having surgery? I will pray for you all. It looks like you all had a wonderful day. My son also has a bad shoulder and can't use it. He has had 2 surgeries so far. He can't even hold a job because of the pain. Please keep him in your prayers. You are in mine. Oh yes, I received my plates and books. I LOVE my little plates. They are too small to go in my plate holder but I still love them. You should have not sent me all those books. That will take me forever to read but I promise you will receive them back and I will take care of them. I will get started on them tomorrow hopefully. I am looking so forward to reading them.

  3. Oh Karen:
    what a fun family day ..I love all your pictures but you gotta know... my favorite is Aiden with his groove on.. How precious that little face with the box hat on.. He's a keeper..

  4. Karen I will keep your family in my prayers and I hope everything goes well with Doug's surgery.Look forward to hearing from you Wednesday.

  5. Hi Karen. So glad you had a wonderful day with your family. Family get-togethers are great, aren't they? I wish Darron would get totally better. I still have him on my prayer list. And let's hope Doug's surgery is a total success. I will pray for your whole family tonight. I loved the pictures. Just know your grandaughter will have a good time at Disney World.


  6. Sounds like a most wonderful time! But I believe ANY time with family is a wonderful time! So glad you all were able to get together and enjoy each other.

    Sorry to hear about your uncle and Doug's surgery. I will be praying for both situations for healing, peace and comfort for all involved.

  7. Hi Karen,
    OH-What a wonderful day that was...looks like everyone is so happy-family fun is the best kinda FUN-huh?!!! I can't get over how big Aidan is...he's soooooo CUTE!!
    So sorry about your uncle...I say a prayer that all goes well for Doug. I will keep you both in my prayers :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Karen.

  8. First, congrats to your granddaughter for being chosen to go to Disney World, what a honor!

    So sorry to hear of your uncle and I'm glad to hear that your son is using his arm with the Wii, I'm sure it does him wonders.

    I'm glad your yard sale was a success, I was at work when you posted it so I missed out, maybe next time:)

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow morning for Doug surgery and you sure made me hungry those dishes look so good!


  9. Hi Karen, It looks like you had a great day with your family, that is always nice! I love family get togethers! At least you guys had your Wii Games, unlike us at our Christmas gathering! I'm sure that the kids got Doug all straightened out on how to hold the controllers! I guess people break their big expensive tv's all the time by accidentally letting go of them! :) Thanks for stopping by my Blog! Have a great Sunday! Kim

  10. HI Karen....Family get togethers are the best....It looks as though you had a wonderful time with all....Sorry to hear about your Uncle passing....You are in my prayers and prayers are sent Doug's way for a successful surgery...Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments.....
    Have a great Sunday and take care....

  11. Looks like a great time... I find it hilarious to watch others play you? About having a late Christmas, we did the same thing last weekend... and one of my neighbors still has her tree up and it was all lit up last night. :0) I hope things go well with Doug's surgery... best wishes!

  12. What a fun day you had! I always enjoy days like that but now Mom is gone we don't see too many. How wonderful Emily won that trip to Florida! That is special. And the little guy is just precious! I sure missed out on your yard sale that I was so looking forward to. By the time I saw it there were only about 8 items. I figured you had deleted pics as you sold. Darn! Maybe next time. Hope Dougs surgery goes well and sorry about your uncle.

  13. Family time is the best, isn't it?? Looks like everyone had a great time! What a lucky girl Emily is to get to go to Disney! I will keep you and your hubby in my prayers and I'm sending positive thoughts and best wishes for a smooth surgery and super quick recovery for him. As always, your son continues to be in my prayers. I'm glad he is making some progress. I am sorry to hear about your uncle.

  14. Oh Karen,
    I know you have a lot on your plate right now, my thought and prayers are with you and a successful surgery for Doug on Monday. My sympathy about your Uncle as well. Doesn't it seem like tough things all come at you in a big group? I have experienced that myself many times! Sending hugs your way!!!

  15. Hi Karen, there really isn't anything quite like family and it looks like your's is very special. Glad you had a great day. That little Aiden is adorable! Hope everything goes very well for Doug on Monday. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon, Dawn

  16. Hi Karen......good thing we don't stay in our "slumps" too long, isn't it?
    Nothing like a fun day with family to help that.
    Keeping your son and DH in my thoughts and prayers.
    Talk to you soon,

  17. Karen I will be thinking about Doug on Monday. I hope it isn't too serious!!!

    The food looked so yummy. I am glad you had a great time.


  18. I am so sorry for your loss. I notice as I get older more and more family have passed. It never gets easy does it?
    You have such a lovely family. I can tell they bring you great joy.
    Be assured that I'll keep you all in my prayers! *gentle hug*

  19. Kare, so glad you had a wonderful family day today....such a blessing!! Thanks for sharing your pizza recipe, similar to one I make but the sauce is different and I usually cook my hamburger meat before putting on pizza, so I will surely try your recipe.
    Will remember you and all your family in my prayers.....hope all goes well with Doug and hoping things improve for darren. So sorry about your Uncle......take care of yourself!!
    Hugs, Sherrie

  20. It looks like so much fun. I have noticed a lot of families doing a brunch instead of dinners now. I love all the pictures.

    I hope things continue to get better for your son. Sorry to hear about your uncle.

    Glad your yard sale went so well.



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