Thursday, January 14, 2010


Do you remember that pile of items I had on my dining room table???
Well I finally went through it all, put SOME things back out in the house, packed up SOME and took pictures of the rest to SELL ….

I put pictures on my PICTURETRAIL this morning and have sold a few items already…here’s my link:  so go on over and see if there’s something you might like….now remember it’s like a garage sale….lots of the items have been in my possession for for quite some time, some newer.

If you see anything you like just e-mail me with your choice(s) and I will send a PAYPAL invoice for the amount plus shipping – I don’t have a set-up to have a BUY NOW on here for this so the e-mail will have to work.
email graphics 
Thanks for looking.


So how has your day gone??? Mine has been a mish-mash of stuff and besides getting the pictures on picturetrail I put a load of laundry in and then every now and then I sit down to read or watch the horrible disaster on Haiti…I don’t really know why I’m so drawn to it – but I’ve come to the conclusion that I watch in hopes of seeing something good happen to just ONE PERSON! But that won’t be for some time to come. Pray is all we can do.

I am sooooo not happy with my decorating right now. It’s like I’m in limbo – between seasons it seems. I don’t want Spring flowers out yet – so I don’t put any out….I don’t like all those tiny little decorative things on my shelves/tables anymore but I don’t have anything I want to replace it all with.
And in this conclusion….I’M BORED WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE! Sounds like I have Cabin Fever or just plain not easy to please these days…lol

I think I need a couple different table or cabinets instead of what I do have – maybe that would help me…or get some new lamps, yeah, that’s it…we are so in need of lamps in our family room. I want the black iron Colonial floor lamps but haven’t found the ones I want yet. I want to get the lamps off the side tables so the floor lamps would work great. We have two of them in the den and they work great.

You know what….I think we need a ‘BLOG PARTY’…..we all need to log on at the same time, have our goodies near us, pick something fun to do and talk about….how in the world would we do something like that????? Any suggestions?  Like a CHAT.


Today is my husbands birthday (WOW, 68!!!) and he’s on a day delivery and won’t even be here for dinner tonight – he just called and said the group is going to stop to eat on the way home…so it’s just little(little ??) ole me. Anyone want to come on over and keep me company can…the door is always open.


Guess I’ve rattled enough….go on a check out my PICTURETRAIL.



  1. Doug has plenty to be proud of! What a handsome family. Put in a good chick flick while you can. Those times are far and few between for me. Since we watched James Bond AGAIN last night, this is still fresh on my mind!

  2. Hi Karen...............I think I have a wee bit of Cabin Fever this week too.
    DH and I just got back from a little outing and that helped so much getting out. His idea too.....Olive Garden for lunch.
    Now you put the kettle on and I'll be right over to visit. Off to see your Picture Trail first.

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubs and I think new furniture and/or lighting would do wonders for your decorating blahs right now!
    I would love to have a chat....I wonder if there's some kind of a forum site that offers that type of thing?


  4. Happy Birthday to Doug! If I was anywhere near you, I would be coming on over for a visit! I would love to sit down with a cup of tea and chat with you, learn from you.

    Yes, sounds like you need to do some re-arranging or buy a new piece to play with. It's easy to feel that way for me because I always start in August and go all out for fall, then straight to Christmas. So everything seems so blah! when the Christmas is put away. I'm in the middle of re-purposing two rooms in my home, so I don't have time for that this year. Best wishes with your floor lamps. I hope you find some soon that you fall in love with! Have a wonderful week/end~

  5. Happy birthday to your hubby! I am headed over to check out the yard sale. When you find those lamps let me know. I am looking for some too. I bet I would love the same thing that you do. Gotta go now to a yard sale!!!

  6. Well, since you are all alone, how 'bout coming over and helping me paint? Huh, that sounds like a good idea to me. LOL!!! I'm not happy with my decorating right now either. I have no clue what to put over my fireplace so it just sits bare at the moment.

    Tell that hubby to have a Happy Birthday!! I'll leave you a paint brush on the counter. Hahaha!!!

  7. Love your header picture! Hmm, that house looks so familar. Happy B-day Doug and many more! I know what you mean, the house seems blah and I'm not sure why. I need the new CS, that should get us motivatied.

    Have a great day.

  8. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I hope it was a nice day for him.
    And good luck with your yardsale items. You have quite a few really nice things that I'd like to have. But I have a big vet bill this week, so I better not spend anything just yet. Hopefully you will have another sale soon.
    I don't know why, but after the holidays, I am happy to get the Christmas put away and enjoy my house just being simple. I am enjoying the less is more very much. I could totally go Shaker style and be happy with it. LOL! It sure makes dusting a lot easier!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. hahaha! I can sooo relate to this post holiday crisis. OMG!I like tothink of this as purge season. I purge the home of all those things that are "on the wire". So if I don't love it, it has to go.
    I highly recommend this process. All of a sudden yo have all this empty space, as in, "Oh dear, I better find something for that spot!" and the thrill of the hunt is ON! Sometimes it takes weeks to fnd a replacement but trust me, by Spring, your home will look wonderful full of "new" treasures. Staring at the stuff wll just depress you so find a box, pile hem in and make a trip to good will, one person's junk is another's treasure.
    Have fun...Spring will come soon enough,B=)

  10. Oh my gosh Karen I know what you mean about feeling a lil' blah rut when it comes to post holiday decorating... I miss the days leading up to the Holidays.. I miss the 'feeling of the season.. Spring is not my most favorite of seasons and I long for the days of Fall as soon as Spring starts! lol

    Welp, speaking of the laundry that you mentioned, I just happen to have some of my own that is calling my name.. My husband and children seem to generate a large load every single day...but I have to be honest with you - I thank God for that laundry every single day because I know it means my family is with me.. Gosh I don't know what I would do if the laundry pile got smaller..

    With love,

  11. Happy Birthday to your Husband! I guess it would be a belated one now! I am going over to your picturetrails.


  12. Karen, I LOVE, LOVE the family picture. You are blessed for sure. Please it is alittle late but could you tell your Husband HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him from us ( the McNally Family)!!!!!!! He doesn't look his age at all,he looks great!! You both make such a great looking couple!!!

    Love , Tricia

  13. I just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading it. You have a beautiful family!
    I will be back and hope you visit me.


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