Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Things are getting there…

We are almost finished with the first guest room.
Carpet was laid on Monday and Wednesday the bed was delivered.
Doug took our wooden fireplace surround we used in the screen room and made a back and hearth for it – doesn’t look too bad for a faux one.

This is it from a couple years ago getting when we were getting ready for one of our home shows – it’s all just stained brown and no base for support.


And now with it is all fixed and painted Red. We found some self sticking brick design floor tiles and put them on the base for a hearth look.
I think it looks okay for a guest room accent.
Fireplace 4

The rest of the room is taking shape.
I need to make a bed skirt yet – the one that’s on there is tan and basically the same color as the bedspread.
I will also make some curtains for the 2 side book cases so we can hid the kids toys and books.
Iron bed 2

guest room bed 

See that wooden rocker – Doug bought it for me 44 years ago this Christmas. Our youngest son Brett  was born that August and I so wanted a rocker.
He put it on lay-away and paid on every week until Christmas…it was a wonderful huge surprise.
It still looks fantastic as old as it is.
Fireplace 3


Iron bed 1

I am so loving the look of this new bed – it  has the exact look I was searching for–…no more looking was necessary.
It’s a Bronz-ish Black coating on the metal.
headboard closeup 

I want to leave the room simple – I think it will probably stay pretty much how it is now, but we are not concentrating anymore up there – now it’s Christmas things.  It’s good enough for now….plus I don’t think we will have overnight guests for quite awhile.


Now for a few Christmas pictures – some things may look familiar – I stuck with some of the same decorating.
It’s hard for me to break out of my mold when I get something I like.
Although – next year I will  hopefully do something a lot more plainer and Primitive to the mantle.
But for this year anyway the Santa’s and Snowmen and fun things will stay because of the little ones.
I didn’t do a lot – but did use lots of greens and berries.

Fireplace 1

Bow window

Snowballs in grain box

Santa on table

Crock with greens

 Basket with snowman

pitcher with berries 


lamp table 1

Bowl box

jug with rose hip

Snowman in basket 

Top of bath cupb

Bathroom tree

kitchen tree


 Top of pantry 1

Top of ref. 

Mitten Box 1 

above cupboards 

Bowls on k counter

Candy Canes on counter

Stove top board

counter box 1

Dining room 2 2013

Dining room 1 2013

Christmas goose

Riser dining room table 2

Dining room 3 2013

base of dining tree 


Pewter table 1

Blue pie safe 1 

on shelf of blue pie safe 

shelf of blue ps 1 

garland on blue ps 1 

Pine pie safe 1

Pine pie safe 2 

by front door1

box on pie safe 1


pewter cupb 4 

pewter cupb 3 

pewter cupb 2 

Top of pewter cupb

bedroom dresser

Bedroom Christmas 2012

 Hallway christmas 2012

So there’s Christmas at our house this year…and I do hope I can change it all out next year.
I like some of my decorations but I will hopefully place them differently.
We put wreaths on all the fences…10 in all.  And then the porches are the same as every year.
back porch 2012 

 deer front porch

Don’t forget my pattern page
stock up on Christmas patterns!

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Thanks for visiting me again…I love seeing you here!


  1. Karen, what major eye candy! So, so beautiful and cozy! I love it all!
    Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!


  2. Replies
    1. Hi Elizabeth...thanks for the nice comment.

  3. Oh MY!!! Love it ALL!!! I pined some - hope that is O.K. Love the mantle.

    1. Hi there...that is just fine kiddo...thanks for sharing and for visiting.

  4. so nice Karen.....when ever I need a primitive fix...I know I can count on you.....looks very homey and warm.....I would be glad to come for a visit and stay in that awesome guest room...love the fireplace and what doug did to it....it all looks great....

    1. Well thank you so much...always such nice comments from you (well, everyone for that matter!).
      Doug did a wonderful job on the fireplace didn't he. I love how the black backer helps give it some depth.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Every picture is more special than the last.
    Homespun Elegance

  6. Wow. You must be tired! Beautifully done. The large beige primitive cabinet in the kitchen made me fall off my chair. I will dream about it tonight.

  7. Absolutely wonderful Karen! I love how everything is grouped! Thanks for sharing as it is so inspiring!
    Seasons greetings!

  8. Your guest room looks very inviting :) Love all your Christmas decorations, you always do such a nice job!

  9. I have heard others saying that Blogger is not working correctly also. Maybe the issues will be fixed soon. Your home looks lovely, as always. I especially love the red fireplace with the red striped stockings.

  10. Karen. I just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Your home looks beautiful as always..Take care and God Bless..
    Prim hugs,

    1. Thanks Trena...many holiday blessings and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  11. So lovely, warm and cozy! Everything looks great!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  12. WOW, Dear Friend..! You really out did yourself...Every room looks so warm and cozy! Love how the Faux Fireplace turned out and the Bed. Stay warm and enjoy your lovely home...Hugs, K

  13. Karen: thanks for your help with the paint color earlier in the week. None of those colors are made by Ben Moore any more but I did find a color I like. Funny, I have the Prayer at Valley Forge print over the mantle in my family room. LOVE that print! Happy Holidays!


  14. Hi Karen,
    Everything is just beautiful!! So warm and inviting! Love your cupboards, especially the one Marly mentioned!

  15. Everything looks wonderful, Karen! I always enjoy pictures of your home, regardless of the season. Your trees are beautiful and the guest room looks great!

  16. Karen, every room looks absolutely gorgeous! You have such flair for displaying your treasures. I started to bring my blog back to life and I was having the same problem. I did manage to change my header photo and it so HUGE! I will try some more to fix every thing.
    I see you got a nice batch of snow too!

  17. your Christmas decorations are so pretty.....isn't blogger frustrating !!!!!

  18. Your home is just beautiful,Karen! I love all small vignettes of decorations and you cupboards and pie safes look wonderful! Lots of work that's for sure. Your remodeled room is beautiful!

  19. All is Christmasy and wonderful at your house! It looks so pretty! Your guest room turned out perfect...the fireplace is wonderful in red! Hope you and Doug will put your feet up and relax a bit now that all the work and all the decorating is done! Love the rocking chair...what a treasure!

  20. Great pictures! Love your Christmas decorating, very cozy!

  21. Karen~ The new room looks wonderful.I love the simplicity of it.Your Christmas is lovely really liked the tree with the white lights and icicles.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  22. Karen
    As always, your home looks so warm and welcoming…I have re-visited your Christmas decorations multiple times to make sure I didn't miss anything(LOL)…all of the effort you and Doug put into creating the guest room was certainly time well spent…I love your use of the fireplace. I have the same rocker in my guest room…I purchased it as a gift for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary…now it's my favorite place to sit when quilting.
    I wish you and yours all the blessings of this wonderful season.
    Busy Hands…Happy Heart

  23. Hi Karen, Your guest room is beautiful. Love all of your Christmas decor, everything is so lovely!
    Like looking at a prim magazine. hugs, Lecia

  24. Karen you guest room is lovely, you have all done a great job. The fireplace is amazing, I also love the photo with the stockings and Santa legs...how funny! Oh wow, your Christmas decorating is stunning as usual.


  25. Karen love love love how the bedroom turned out and the fauz fireplace really sets it off. It was hard work but so worth it.
    You sure know how to decorate girl!!!!!
    Merry Christmas Karen and Doug.

  26. beautiful Karen, don't know why you would want to change it.


  27. Beautiful pics and so loving your new room! Merry Christmas, Janice

  28. If you need a guest for your guest room I have some time available LOL! It looks beautiful Karen :)

    All the decor looks wonderful too, so festively prim!


  29. I will be right over for an afternoon nap in your comfy, cozy new bedroom. I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE the new bed. I need one just like it! Your whole house looks so primitive and timely. I love your decorating. That is what I do....change things around every year but I think I need a few new things next year! Good idea for sure!


  30. Your guest room looks so comfy and prim.. I love rocking chairs too Karen.
    All of your creative Christmas décor is beautiful.. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your home..
    Have a very happy, healthy, memorable Christmas and a blessed new year..
    Charlotte in Virginia

  31. your photos are wonderful, I love your bits and bobs and everything in between!

  32. Oh my friend..
    Your home is beautiful.
    You are so talented in so many ways.
    I could look at all those photos all day.
    Warm Christmas Blessings

  33. Karen ~~
    Beautiful as Always .... a Christmas Wonder Land !!
    Love the Guest Bedroom it looks so Cozy, anyone
    would Love to spend a night there.
    Love your Rocker .....had the same one, now sits
    at my oldest son's & DIL's home. Those chairs were
    built to last generations !!!
    Merry Christmas to you, Doug & the Family.
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  34. Wow Karen, what a feast of eye candy! Your faux fireplace looks great. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Lori

  35. Karen, SImply WOW! My friend!! AWESOME! So much eye candy! Love it all! The bedroom looks wonderful too! You have been such a busy gal!!! OLM

  36. My word, Karen, you must be exhausted after all that work as beautiful as it is..
    That would take me weeks to accomplish.. You are one awesome lady..
    Merry Christmas, dear heart. xo

  37. Hi Karen, your guest room turned out perfectly! I am also so impressed with your Christmas decor....so welcoming. Don't know how you get it all done, but I enjoy all your labors of love. Hope you are staying warm during our cold snap...brrr!

  38. Karen,
    That guest room has come together so very nicely. You might want to spend a night or two in there before allowing guests to use it! I have been awaiting the unveiling of your Christmas decor, and once again it is gorgeous. Why would you want to change it? I spotted a tin dome-shaped thingy on the middle shelf of your blue cupboard. I have one too, but don't know what it is or what it is for. Do you?

  39. So many comments, what a following you have! The guest room looks great, I would love to come spend an overnight in it. The fireplace turned out fantastic and I love the bed.
    Your Christmas decor is amazing!
    Be blessed,

  40. Hi Karen, Certainly loving all your Christmas decor, looks so nice and cozy. What a cute snowman on the porch. Decorating is a lot work especially with everything else going on at this time of the year. Hope you and your family are enjoying this beautiful holiday season. Blessings!

  41. Everything looks so festive. Always enjoy seeing your decorations. The bedroom looks inviting, you may have lots more guests now!

  42. I just found your blog. Such pretty pictures! I look forward to visiting often.

  43. So warm and inviting! Love the guest room and the story of your rocking chair!! Your home is lovely and so reminds my of my friends home.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!


  44. You have a Beautiful home, Karen!
    Very inviting. I so wish my home looked like yours.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  45. As usual, love everything, but I think the dining room is my favorite! You always do a most wonderful job decorating, Karen. Thank you for sharing your lovely home at this Christmas time. Have a Blessed Christmas! : )

  46. Don't know what you can do to change perfection next year...so beautiful. Great fireplace re-do. Just love the Santa head on the mitten box No 1. Is it a reprint or needlework?
    This gal would like to know. The Prayer at Valley Forge Is always so inspiring and affirming.
    That rocking chair seems to be a universal favorite, having stood the test of time.
    A blessed Christmastide to you and yours, Karen.

  47. Thank you for sharing all the pictures....everything looks beautiful...Happy Holidays to you and your family Jennifer :)

  48. I always love when you post pictures. You decorate so nicely. What kind of fabric are the guest room curtains made from, if you don't mind my asking. Everything looks so good! Thank you so much for opening up your lovely home. I really enjoyed my visit!


  49. Everything looks beautiful Karen! I have been a fav of your blog every since I discovered a Prim Place and I still drool over your photos in Country Sampler! Thank you for the blog visit too! - Lisa

  50. Your home is breathtaking Karen. You do an awesome job of decorating. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

  51. Wow, WOw, and more WOW!!! This is simply incredible!! What a feast for the eyes...and soul. I have been searching high and low for something, anything, to spark just a wee bit of spirit in me....and here I have gone and spent the better part of an hour (I don't really have to spare) getting lost in your wonderful photos.... You truly have a gift, Karen....and you use it to the very best advantage. I can't begin to say what I love best....cuz I love it all.... But, I warn you....I've been thinking long and hard about running away....you might just want to keep that guest room door locked. ;o) Wishing you and your family a season filled with joy and blessings. Hugs ~ Robin

  52. Karen,
    LOVE your house. You have a very nice decorating touch. Delighted to see your Christmas Tour!


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