Monday, December 23, 2013

Are you as excited as I am???

It’s almost here isn’t it?  All the shopping is finished, gifts wrapped and groceries are bought. Just waiting now!
Tomorrow our granddaughter and baby Zayne will be here for a little while to open gifts because they have another place to go on Christmas…so they won’t be a part of our day Wednesday.
Alex has a friend who is a photographer and she takes tons of pictures of Zayne…this one is my most favorite of all so far.
Zayne Christmas

This is nice too:
Zayne Alex Christmas

And today I saw on FB this one….Alex took it – he sat up all by himself today…yaaaa!
Such a happy baby.
Zayne sitting by himself

Well I have no more Christmas decorating to show you and I am really surprised at myself because I am ready for it all to be taken down and put away.  This was a strange year for me trying to get in to it.  I finally did today and I hope it carries me through Wednesday when everyone is here.

I did received some very nice gifts last week.
My friend Trena from PA was so thoughtful and sent me a box of Winterberries and some adorable Gingers.
Thanks Trena for being such a sweet friend.
I didn’t get a picture of the berries – sorry. I added the Gingers to my noodle board, aren’t they cute?
Gingers from Trena

I also received a RAK gift from Danice of Homespun Hanna’s blog:
She sent a can that has a printed wrapper on it with my blog logo on it!
And a great smelling candle and some wonderful Potpourri.
Thanks Danice!
Gift from Danice G

And from my PA friend Linda I received a beautiful Bennington batter bowl, pancake mix and Maple syrup – all from Vermont.
Thank you Linda…we already sampled it all!
Gift from Linda

pancakes 1
Pancakes 3

Pancakes 2

I have nothing to do tonight so I’m going to sit here with my computer and visit all my blog friend who I have missed so much.

That’s about all I have for you until after Christmas.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families.
For those traveling – be safe.

But above all – remember the reason we celebrate Christmas.



  1. What an adorable Christmas elf you have. He is such a cutie! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Janice

  2. Merry Christmas Karen!!!!!

  3. Merry Christmas, Karen! Loved the pictures of your sweethearts. Hope you stay warm in the deep freeze that arrived today....brrrrr!

  4. Uh oh, baby found his feet! LOL... he'll be gettin' up on and into things before you know it. Love his Christmas duds :)
    Wow, awesome Christmas gifts you received. You've been a very nice girl this year :)

  5. Oh those are just adorable pictures Karen!
    Merry Christmas friend and try to stay warm in this frigid weather of ours.

  6. Sweet great grand baby. He is getting big. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Amy

  7. He's adorable! Have a blessed Christmas Karen,

  8. Have a wonderful Christmas, Karen! I am so looking forward to it also. I am going out this cold, cold morning to get a couple of gift cards and a tool set for my youngest son. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't go out just a little on Christmas Eve....crazy! Your little grandson is absolutely adorable...enjoy! Merry Christmas..

  9. Merry Christmas! Such beautiful photos of a beautiful family! Happy New Year! Maggie

  10. Wishing You and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  11. I love the little pillow with the sleigh and you sell that pattern? I'd like to make it.
    Thank you.

  12. Merry Merry Christmas, dear friend. xo

  13. Merry Christmas to you Karen~
    I pray that is is peaceful and loving
    ~ Sara

  14. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Karen. The photos of Zayne are beautiful. Lovely gifts you received.

  15. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Karen. The photos of Zayne are beautiful. Lovely gifts you received.

  16. Karen,
    Love the pictures of Zayne!! I am sure you had a wonderful Christmas! I am with you... I don't know what it is this year... I am ready to take it all down... sigh... I NEVER feel that way and usually wait for the epiphany... Happy New Year too! OLM

  17. Blessings Karen!
    May 2014 be wonderful.
    It's a little scary to me how fast the year flew.
    Your sweet Baby is adorable. Way cute!

  18. Such a doll. Love reading your posts, enjoying your home, and decorating. I'm only a few hours drive from you so I put, your favorite shops on a wish list to visit. Happy New Year!

  19. Hi Karen! just checking on you! its been a weird year for me too.. i usally take christmas down now but am going to try enjoy it a few more days cuz i sure haven really up to this point. your great grand babe is adorable and they sure grow up fast and start passing those milestones like sitting up! im sure it was nice to be all together even if not all at one time. same here with me. enjoy your New Years Day Karen!

  20. Zayne is such a little bundle of kissable baby goodness!!!! Happy New Year Karen! ~Kriss~


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