Sunday, January 12, 2014

It’s just not there -

Well if you follow Melinda from you would know how I feel…It could have been me that posted her words.  She said exactly what I was going to say – that is why you have not heard from me in over a month.
IT’S JUST NOT THERE!!!  I can’t think of anything interesting to post about…nothing new has happened….Christmas was ‘normal’…New Years – nothing special.  Haven’t purchased anything new and no plans to do anything.
So there you have my blog post in a nutshell…lol  BORING!!!

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We did have our Christmas with Miranda a week ago Friday. She was very sick on Christmas so her and MaryAnn didn’t make it .  It took her about 2 weeks to feel good.
She had fun opening along with big brother Aidan helping her.
Miranda opening gift 

Miranda opening gift 1
Her favorite gift was the doll we bought in PA
Miranda with doll

For lunch we had home-made pizza 
I have been making this recipe since our adult boys were tiny.
You can find my recipe here:
making pizza

Pizza 14 

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New Year’s Eve Doug had his once a year Crab Legs.
I think it was overkill on the amount he had but he put a big dent in it.
fixing crab

 fixing crab 2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our JB sofa left this week to be reupholstered – finally.
We were so fortunate to find someone right here in town who does it.
She said it should be a couple months – it’s going to be a loooong 2 months waiting.
We are torn though if it will go back in the den area where there is a love seat and the desk or put back in the family room and sell the leather sofa.  It’s really a hard call.  Doug loves the leather but he also liked his fabric sofa. And….I love how it opened up the den.  We put one of the chairs from the family room in its place along with a small table and crocks for magazines and a floor lamp.  Makes a nice reading area.  But I do need to put something different on the wall and put this bowl box on a smaller wall.

den with chair

Now here’s the sofa that is out  to get a new look….see how it takes up the entire wall.
Sofa 1
And the new fabric….
Antique fabric

This is the chair covered in it….
Chair in FR

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have done nothing with my everyday house decor – after taking down the Christmas things and cleaning the house I didn’t feel like lugging things back up from the basement so it stays bare.  I don’t know what I want to fill the spaces with.  Friday I went to the basement and organized all the everyday decorative things and could not find one thing to bring back up….and maybe that’s not a bad thing.  But the fireplace mantle has nothing on it so that is necessary.  The rest it doesn’t matter much.  I’m happy looking at ‘nothing’ (as well as cleaning it all).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So – today is a day of NOTHING – but my head says I need to do ‘something’.
Not sure where that will take me – possibly rug hooking or reading or maybe a bit of both – I can’t do just one of those for the entire day….I need to break it up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I don’t know how to go about ‘catching up’ on all my friends blogs.
As you probably know I have not been on since before Christmas so there is a lot to catch up on and I don’t know if I can sit long enough to read all the way back on everyone’s blogs so if I just go to your current post on then keep up from there is it okay with you???

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I forgot to mention this…
I am going to be selling some of my wool felt and other craft supplies.
It will be on my KM Primitives blog at some point.
I have to organize and take pictures yet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I still have my PATTERN SALE going on.
$6.50 Mailed Patterns   Reg. $9.50
includes shipping
$4.00 E-Patterns   Reg. $6.00

And…I will always be making my

New pennies penny rug
Traditional runner 1
Army blanket runner
Small:  9x26  $55.00
Medium:  11x27  $65.00
Large: 12x30  $75.00
X-Large:  15x30  $85.00
Send an e-mail to purchase
You can find my e-mail in the right sidebar near the top

Have a great week




  1. I understand Karen.. sometimes things just do not seem to flow from our mind to our hearts to the pen....So glad you had a great Christmas... We did here too. It seems the holidays went by so quickly.... I am glad you are feeling better and that all is well. Your sofa will look great... excited for you! Have a great Sunday and blessings!

  2. Blessings to you this Winter!
    I noticed your white on white stove as you were in your kitchen. With our kitchen being remodeled that is what I'm thinking I will get for our white kitchen. A white on white stove, dishwasher and micro-wave.

    Nice to see your kitchen.

    1. Hi Deanna, Thanks for the visit!
      I looked for a very long time until I found white on white. When we bought it 14 years ago it was not easy to find. I'm sure now they are plentiful.

      All our other appliances are white as well. I like the clean look. I'm not into this 'stainless' trend that all the realtors and home builders say you have to have. Plus they finger print too easily and harder to get clean. White seems to clean the smudges easier.


  3. Karen, LOL, the first part of your post fits me too and then I wonder how many people wish they had a few normal days with nothing going on. I have determined that this year I will blog more often, even if it's boring because I love to be a part of the blogging world.

    Your sofa is going to look great in that fabric. Looking forward to taking a peek when you are finished.



  4. hey there.....boy can I relate to this post too.....its hard to keep blogging when you are stuck.......and I have been stuck here way to long...I worry about showing the same thing over and over...and if my followers will be bored with what I am posting today I am about 70% back from my knee surgery.....and I decided to bring a light cream color cupboard in from the garage.....then when I went to decorate it.....I did not want to bring anything up from my downstairs either....I am so bored with all my old prim I just might have to have another sale....please don't stay away so long...I missed you.....

    1. Hi Linda, goodness I am so sorry you are still hurting from your knee surgery - I know it takes a long time after having it. I am still not back 100% from the Aug. leg surgery. The muscles are still trying to connect and they get painful at times.

      Oh I know what you are saying about decorating as that was my initial post thoughts - today I'm kind of thinking about doing something and stop dragging my's early we'll see! LOL
      Oh...I'm using the settle since we moved it over to the opposite wall it was on - I love sitting on it, so comfortable. THANK YOU!!!


  5. Oh don't feel bad Karen....I've had a big bunch of nothing too. It's hard to blog when you have nothing to blog about. I think it's the time of year. Everyone in my family has been sick, no exciting antique shows to go to, I haven't even been rug hooking. I love looking at your pictures and reading yours posts no matter how dull you think they are!! And now I am about to look up your pizza recipe!

    1. Hi....thanks so much for sticking with me while I go through this no-show I can't believe it was over a month for me to post.
      Well if you haven't been rug hooking then you MUST feel like me.
      I suggest you try making the pizza - it's really delicious. It's not a thin crust and it's not an overly thick one either. Note: lately when I make them I spread a little bit of Olive Oil over the crust, then pre-bake it for about 7 minutes. It turns out fantastic. Oh and grease your pan really, really good. When I do these steps my pizza will slide out of the pan and onto my wood cutting board and then it cuts fantastic with a large knife.
      Hope I didn't put too much information

  6. Hi Karen, I feel the same way :) I think it's the time of year...winter with no spring in sight. I put up my snowmen, mitten and snowflake items in a couple places in the house so it doesn't look so bare after the Christmas decorations were taken down. I can't wait to see your sofa...I love the fabric you chose. Keep crafting I always like to see what you're working on.
    Stay warm,

  7. Hi there! We"re getting a settee covered, too ~ I thought our fabric choice was the same but looked at my sample and it's not! But very similar! I'm waiting for the fabric to come on ~ the upholsterer said he would have it 2-3 weeks ~ I thought that was a long time ~ two months is crazy!!!

  8. We make crab legs once a year too! Plus I make homemade pizza too! Love your new fabric...don't know if I could wait that ong though. Good luck! Janice

  9. Karen, I think you speak for a lot of us! I don't know but all of the hype getting into Fall and then towards Christmas and them's all done. I always have a little let down feeling. It helps to have the little kids though, love their excitement. I starting getting back to cross stitching and have enjoyed it. Some great prim patterns around. And you know my dilemma about losing my rug hook! Tore my whole sewing room apart and still can't find it today. There are no rug hooking place near me but I know where one is in Canal Winchester, I hope they are open tomorrow. I bought Cathy's new pattern Home Sweet Home and want to do it. Take care and talk to you soon. Don't you wish we could go to the hooking group at Dawn Rossell's ?

  10. Hi Karen, I understand totally, I had really gotten into a slump a few weeks ago, and knew that I had to keep myself busy or I would be a basketcase. I know the cold Winter weather has had alot to do with it. Hang in there, it will get better. Your grandchildren are adorable, love the new sofa. Your pizza looks yummy, I love pizza, especially homemade. You know I love, love your penny rugs. Hugs, Lecia

  11. Hi, Karen,
    You and me both with our boring lives ...LOL. Although sometimes I think that having nothing exciting happen may be a good thing... In your second photo, I assume that is Miranda's mother in the chair...your daughter? She looks just like you.

    I love the new fabric you have picked out, but, then, I love your old fabric too! I always wanted that 1801 fabric. I have some JB fabric on my sofa and a chair, and the cats ruin everything.... They love that nubby fabric!

    Your pizza looks yummy, but the crab legs...ugh! I can't tolerate anything that come out of water ...sorry!!!

  12. Your new fabric is lovely but wow that's a long wait. Thanks for sharing your recipes I can't wait to go visit and try some out. Have a great week ...hugs lil raggedy Angie

  13. I so enjoy your posts Karen. Sometimes we all just need a change and a rest. I got back into needle punch after buying a new pattern and doing some cross stitch, quiet stuff.
    For me , after the " Christmas glow" is put away everything seems , blah. I lose my mo-jo.
    Been going through quilt books and marking patterns I want to make. Dreamer! :)
    The fabric you are covering your prim sofa in is Gorgeous! It will be worth waiting for .
    You have a beautiful home Karen.

  14. Miranda is so cute, and that doll is also. Your pizza sure looks good. I love pizza but cannot cook very well, lol. Looking forward to your wool felt sale. Your penny rugs are so beautiful :)

    1. Hi Danice,
      Thank you - the pizza is the best, nothing better than homemade pizza.

    2. Hi Karen ~~
      Wrote a long comment, & the Blog
      Muchkins lost it. LOL
      Nice to see you Post .... you Write &
      I'll be here to Read & sometimes Comment.
      Winter Blessings to You & the Family.
      Hugs ~ Connie xox

  15. So good to hear from you again. Glad all is well. Little Miranda is soooo cute.
    Love her outfit. So exciting about your sofa getting recovered.

    Take care

  16. I think boring everyday is fine means nothing going Amy

  17. Good to see you post Karen. I don't always have something interesting to share but it's nice to post when I can so don't feel like you have to all the time. I love the fabric you've chosen for your couch. It will look stunning. Take care. Hugs, Lori

  18. It's January and I think most people have a down time after all the Christmas hoopla.
    Oooh those crab legs look good!

  19. Hi Karen.
    I'm with you ~ I just don't know what to write sometimes.
    I'm also behind too ~ it's hard to keep up.
    Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.
    Your sofa is going to look great when you get it back!!!
    Looks like we're going to get a lot of snow today ~ yuck.
    Nice hearing from you!
    Prim Blessings

  20. Hi Karen.. I read your post the other day but just now commenting.. I thought your post very interesting and always look forward to reading whatever you have to say.. I actually read every word and enjoy your pics.. I know how you feel though and the same thoughts have been going through my head also.. I do love blogging but lately there has just been so many lapses between posts.. Oh well.. We can only do what we can do , eh? Take care, my friend and God bless.. Please keep blogging.. xo

  21. Beautiful Miranda! Her Mama is a pretty lady too. I think Miranda looks like you. Anyway I know you are excited about your sofa. I t is great to get a lift, especially in this kind of weather. It is to get cold again here today. Nothing like last week, thank the Lord.

  22. Hi Karen...I've been gone too long. Miranda is getting so big..hard to believe! Love the new fabric for the sofa..I'm torn between new furniture or getting mine has really never been used, but I'm sooo tired of the fabric. I know how you were feeling...sometimes nothing to say, but other times lots to say but no time. Sigh... Jan

  23. Hi Karen; I know what you mean. I think part of my problem is no sun. We haven't hardly seen the sun here in Ohio and where I work, I do not have a window or door to look out. Thanksgiving was so late this year and my husband wanted to wait to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving (won't do that again). I hardly put out any of my Christmas decorations. It just went so fast, almost like it never happened. then family members have been sick, that doesn't help. Let's make next Christmas better!!

  24. I thought the pizza looked devine... then I scrolled a little more and saw the crab legs!!!!!! Oh man.... my absolute FAVORITE!

  25. Hi Karen! I think we are all feeling the way you do... I find myself constantly pushing myself uggg... Love the fabric you are covering your cool sofa with! And your army blanket penny rugs are beautiful! Hang in there soon spring will come and pull us up!


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