Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Just a few things are new here…nothing special but something to post about.
Being it has been quiet in my little world here I have to grab at anything I can find to keep this blog going.

So way back last month we went to our local thrift shop and this Aqua chair spoke to me – it’s a bit brighter than I would normally have gone for but it’s an old chair and in good solid condition so it came home with us….and it didn’t break the bank either.  Just $15 is all.

Next to find a place for it.  It was intended for the back garden under the flowering pear tree but that didn’t happen so for now it’s in the alcove of our screen room.
That’s okay too because our fabric pieces all have some kind of Robin’s egg blue or Teal.  I may rub this chair down with a stain to age it some.
Isn’t it purty???
aqua chair

This past Sunday was the Elkhorn, WI flea market – found some great cookie cutters and an old cutting board.
The board is nice size to put a punch needle on.
Also another glass syrup jar with a pewter lid.  This makes 5 now and I like  that all of them are a different shape.

New finds 1

So two weeks ago we had Aidan here for an over night stay – had a fantastic time with him.
He’s such an easy little boy to have around – he laughs and gets tickled so easy.He fell asleep in my arms so we made a bed up on the family room floor – his favorite place to sleep.
In the morning he said he woke up in the night – I asked him what he did…he said he came in our bedroom and looked at us – said he went into the kitchen and then was going to watch TV but didn’t know how to turn it on…

He loves to draw – kept at this for a long time.
Aidan on chair 

Aidan's bed

The next day we took him to the Mukwonago flea market and he got his face painted and then Culvers for an ‘early’ supper so we could have treats later on.
Aidan batman 2 

Aidan batman 
This is why we had an early supper – homemade ice cream!
Making ice cream 

It was also his birthday a few days later…7 already!
We stopped over at their place to give him his gifts – I guess one doesn’t rip open the card and fling…money on the ground! lol
And now to count it – he started out thinking it was just $5 – but we made him stop and think…and he was beyond happy!
Gave him something else to open but the money was his favorite.
Aidan counting money

Being there were gifts being given he got so excited he wanted to give his daddy his Father’s Day gift.
He had Darren in tears of joy

 Darren and Aidan

I guess this is a ‘birthday’ post because we celebrated Miranda’s 3rd birthday last night.
We are going on vacation starting tomorrow so we had our ‘family dinner’ night early and were able to give Miranda her gift.

We got her the Elsa doll from Frozen.

Miranda with Frozen 

Zayne was 2 a couple weeks ago -  he is getting to be such a big boy and so sweet.

Joe, Aidan and Miranda
Heather, Emily and Jesse couldn’t make it this time.
Joe Aidan Miranda

We tried a different place to eat because the one we always go to isn’t open on Mon., or Tues.
Well we got there about 5:45, put our name in and waited….and waited!
It was past 7:30 when we finally got seated.
But all these little ones were PERFECT…not one cry or whimper and they got along so good.

I guess this was a birthday post even though it wasn’t intended but that’s all that’s happened here.

My next post may come from somewhere other than home…we’re heading out early tomorrow.
First to Ashville, NC to visit friend, then on up to Lancaster, PA for some shopping and we have tickets for the Women’s golf open.
And we’ll spend my birthday out there on Friday as well and then head out northeast.
Plan on getting up into Maine and then working back to Sturbridge to visit Old Sturbridge Village and go to the Brimfield antique show.
If we find some treasures I hope I can do a post on my i-pad.
Never done one on it so wish me luck.

I wish you all the best and have a special rest of your week




  1. Hi Karen, Always love visiting with you. Love the chair. Don't you just love finding something that speaks to you. And those grands are so cute and handsome. Happy early birthday to you. Your trip sounds amazing. I so want to visit PA one day and Maine, oh my a dream of mine. Be sure to take lots of photos to share with us. Have fun and be safe. Until next time

  2. Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation!

  3. Happy birthday to one and all.
    Safe travels ~ find lots of new/old treasures.
    Hugs :)

  4. You have a very full life with so much to post about! Sometimes it seems like we don't but once we are typing, we actually do! Wonderful birthdays and beautiful grand children! My kids always loved sleeping on the floor too...so cute! Sturbridge Village is the best! We have been there many times. A favorite family outing since I was a toddler and now I take my kids there. Sturbridge Yankee Workshop! Have a great time! Hugs, Maggie

  5. First off, I love the chair... I'm finding myself being drawn to the bright cheery colors too :) You have a lovely family and you can see how much you love them all!
    If you do make it up to Maine, please feel free to look me up, we are just west of Portland. I can let you know of some places to shop and you are welcome to stop by :)


  6. What a wonderful blog. I am so glad I found it!! The chair is very pretty, the color is soft and timeless. I really like your new collectibles too. Have a wonderful day. Donna

  7. A beautiful post! Enjoy your trip and Happy Birthday !

  8. Don't you just love the sculpted details of this chair? I have one that is quite similar. It is my understanding that it was part of a set from the 1920's. It still has its original finish. Thanks for sharing, have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  9. Lots of birthday fun! I love the batman face painting! And the fact that he got up and looked at you sleeping. LOL Your chair is beautiful and I love the color.

  10. All the birthdays are pretty close! And happy birthday to you on your special day. Waiting that long to be seated - the kids were more well behaved than I would have been. Good for them! Be safe and enjoy your trip.

  11. Happy Birthday, Karen! Hope you have a fun and safe trip...it sounds wonderful! You have such a beautiful family! Love the sweet chair!
    Happy 4th!

  12. great chair!
    cute kiddos, they have grown!
    hope you have a fabulous trip!

  13. Hi Karen, Love your new chair, and love the cutting board. I am always on the look out for them. You have beautiful Grandchildren, what wonderful Birthday celebrations! hugs, Lecia

  14. Hi Karen. I love your chair. Very pretty. Have a great vacation. We just got back from a two week trip to New England. Visited our son in Boston then on to Maine and Vermont, New Hampshire. Coming back we stayed in Lancaster, Pa. We stayed at the Amish inn and suites. Wonderful place to stay. Have fun Karen. Hope to see another post from you soon. Happy 4th. Blessings, Becky

  15. Those grands are just beautiful. I like that chair too. Sure enjoyed our visit

  16. Hello Karen- that's a lot of birthdays. Your grandkids are getting so Big!
    Love, Love, Love the chair and the color!
    Hope all is well with you!


  17. Oh Karen, I always enjoy your blog. Happy birthday to all of you family members. 'Looks like you all really had fun. That aqua chair- love it! What a great find :)


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