Sunday, December 16, 2018


The decorating is going slowly this year.
We had a busy few weeks prior - Country Sampler magazine was here 2 weeks ago to do a 'general decor' photo shoot.  We were so honored that they wanted to do a shoot again being we were in 9-1/2 years ago.  This won't be in until at least Feb., Mar. or April but I'll sure let you know when it is. 
We had to put all our Fall decor away and get the house in general order. That was harder than you might think. One generally decorates according to season. They didn't want anything that was specific to a season or holiday.
So after they did the shoot we immediately started to decorate for Christmas.
Again we decorate with a lot of greens and berries and a few decorative items.
Just yesterday I got the tree decorated although I don't have a picture of it.
Here are some random shots.

Our newest vintage ornaments we purchased throughout the year.
We search all year long at flea markets and antique shops for them.

Hopefully I'll get a full room shot of the den with the stenciling.
The rooms have been so torn up with totes and piles of stuff that I haven't had a chance to as of yet.

Also...remember blogger doesn't let you comment anymore if you don't have the right settings so feel free to email me!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congrats on the photo shoot. Amazing pictures and staging! I put out my penny round rug I bought from you several years ago. I love it and think of you every year.

  2. LOVELY HOME!!! Decorated so beautifully. Merry CHRISTmas and a very HAPPY New Year,
    d on the prairie

  3. All beautiful, as always Karen. Happy holidays to you.

  4. Very festive Karen. Merry Christmas. Janice

  5. I absolutely love the way you decorate. You are an inspiration to me.

  6. May your home be filled with Christmas songs, cakes, candies and all the love that this festive season brings.

  7. Beautiful.
    Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄

  8. Hi Karen,

    Everything is so lovely. Brother and I spent the last two years that he was alive searching for and collecting vintage 50's-60's shiny-brite ornaments and Santa's and Elves. It always makes me so happy when I see the collections of others. Thank you for sharing your lovely home.


  9. I can totally see why Country Sampler wants to use your home for the photo shoot. I love the magazine and will be watching for your photos! Merry Christmas!

  10. That's a new one to me... people cannot comment without the right settings. Well, now we must have a Google account and no OpenID, no Google+ that's all I knew about. Changes everywhere. Congrats on the magazine photo shoot. Your home is so beautiful it's no wonder people want to photograph it.

    1. Good morning Danice - Blogger is changing so much people are just giving up on it and I love it...I know we go to others blogs and there's hardly any comments that it looks like no one is reading but it's just that they are stopped from commenting.
      And now Google+ is going away so we can't even share that way.


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