Monday, April 8, 2019

Oh Spring - hurry on up!!!

I sure wish the nice weather would just get here and STAY!!!
We get a nice day then a really cold day. I hope that's not how Spring and Summer will actually be this year.

I did see my Daffodils and Tulips have sprung up though - that's only one of the peeks of Spring so far, except for the sweet sound of birds - I love hearing them....and speaking of birds,
my husband made a fantastic birdhouse over the winter - it turned out beautiful.
He put it out on a post we got from an Amish farmer 2 weeks ago when we were in Lancaster, PA.  It's a water pump post and still has some of the metal attachments on it.  We wanted a white turned post which we bought as well but I like the red one.
Now I'm thinking the birdhouse needs to be painted a different color.
It is going to take many years for the copper to age.  I think he did a wonderful job!!!

Last Tuesday was the second part of my Punch Needle class here and they finished up their projects.
I think they did a wonderful job. 
Four of the ladies couldn't make it so they will come at another date to finish up.

We had a little luncheon with the class and I found the sweetest paper products at the $$ store.
Very Springy - I loved the little bees on them!
They had little cups I thought would be great for the fruit salad,
I put their napkins in the cups for ease of picking up to carry

And then this past Saturday I started another class with 3 ladies.
They had fun learning and we'll have the second part at a later date.

My big excitement though for the week was a book signing at our library with
BEVERLY LEWIS my all time favorite Amish Fiction author.
She was just as sweet and soft spoken as her picture - and very gracious.
Most of her books are set in the Lancaster, PA Amish country side.
She was born in Lancaster and her maternal grandparents were Mennonite. 

Well, that's about it for this time around....
Except to say I have been making my gourd carrots again this year.
I have 9 sets still available if you want any just email me.
They are 3/$14 plus shipping

Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks for stopping by!


  1. You certainly stay busy, Karen! Love seeing your class and peeks at your house. Happy Spring!

  2. Love your birdhouse! A sure sign of Spring here is the frogs singing...and I so love it! Janice

  3. I really envy those lucky ladies who are able to take a class with you! Your DH did a wonderful job on that bird house!!

  4. LOVE that Martin house...I have always wanted one.... Is hubby going to make this for sale??? ;-) The ladies did great with their projects! Do you have them purchased the Morgan hoops before the class? Beautiful paper plates...what a pretty setting! I sure could use some spring.... I hadn’t seen any daffodils coming up, and now for sure I won’t for a while...we are getting absolutely battered with snow and ice up here..... I am so ready to be done with this all.... ~Robin~


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