Monday, August 16, 2021

Wishing for Fall

I know it's not right to wish time away but I sure would
love Fall to be here - I'm so over Summer!!!
I've not gone outside much when the temps get above 75 with humidity.
The last couple days though have been just gorgeous!!!

I've also been working hard on products for our
upcoming October 2nd show.
I feel I've gotten a lot done and then I look
at my list of 'to-do's' and I panic!!!

Last week Doug started cutting up the blocks of bees wax
I purchased from a friend.
He cut up 20lbs of it and his hand was cramped all night!!!

Now I need to start making some silicone molds and start pouring.

I made up a little collage of
some of the products we'll be offering at our show.
This is just the tip of the items - it's going to be
an even bigger show this year!!!

We'll be offering two 'Chair and a Half' chairs this year.
(Also known as a Grandmas Chair)
They are done in a black and gold (caramel) check.
They are basically new chairs...they were show samples
at the order writing show we went to in February.

Last Saturday one of our neighbors daughters got married
and we were invited - there's a little story to this one...they had a venue and were all set but 3 weeks ago (well, 4 weeks now) they went there to double check things and saw that it was all dug up around the venue and diggers there. They asked what was happening
and were told they probably should get a new venue!!!  WHAT???
Yep....never got a phone call, email or text letting them know about this
so they scrambled and had it at their home.
They got permission to close off the street and had the reception in the street and their yard.
Fortunately we are the only driveway (besides them) on this street so we were okay with it.
It really turned out beautiful in the end and the 
great part was it was right outside our house so we 
didn't have to travel far for it.

As we get older we find ourselves being
'that generation'.
You know, the last of your generation.
Well I was the one that always got our family reunions together
but I really got tired of it - no one wanted to help so our last
one was in 2005.
I have a cousin living in an assisted living home
so now and then Doug and I go visit here and I got to thinking
that time is really running out for all of us - there are only 8 of us (besides our spouses of course) living now.
So I got us all together for lunch last Thursday and we 
had the best time!!!
I like that it was a small group so we could all talk to one another.

Well I hope I didn't bore you with this long post!


  1. You always have such beautiful things at your sales...and you are still always yet so far away... Love those chair-and-a-half's....My kitty would love it even more... I can't even fit a large overstuffed in my teeny, tiny, weirdly-configured, living room and he and I just don't fit in my chair...although he tries so hard. Glad your neighbor's wedding's back-up plan worked out so well... We all know how unpredictable weather in our state can be for outdoor events...and up here, we've been living in a "Groundhog Day" of monsoon season. Yikes. I feel cheated by summer this year. ~Robin~

  2. You are going to have some wonderful things at your show. i sure wish i lived much closer. Great results for the wedding .

  3. wow that was quite a wedding to move. But glad it all worked out. Your items are wonderful I love the chair and half wish I were closer. How wonderful you got together with your cousins and glad they are close. Mine are all over the place.
    have a great sale

  4. Hi,
    So glad you were able to get together with family. I feel the same way. After my mom passed 15 years ago and my Aunt about 5 years ago, I rarely see my family (other than immediate) anymore. They all live in other states but one brother who actually lives on our property. Same with my husband's family. It is sad! Anyway, glad the wedding worked out too. Can't believe they didn't even call. Wow! I am with you about summer. Fall is my favorite season so after we get back from vacation (we leave this Saturday for a week), I will be ready. :-)

  5. I am going to ask a question. No offense meant. Why do you cut the wax into small pieces? I have poured beeswax for years. I have never cut it into little pieces. I break it with a small hammer, big chunks, put it in an old coffee can set the can in an electric pot with water in the pot and turn it on. My Grand daughters loved dipping candles. Good memories. Good luck with your shows.

  6. Karen, I've followed your blog for a few years and are amazed at the amount of different crafts you make for your are one amazing woman. I'm curious about how to make silicone molds and would love to try my hand at it for my own personal use. I am a fellow crafter and used to do a few shows back here in Indiana, but I work and don't have much free time to do shows anymore.
    Beautiful work!

    1. Karen, how and where do you get your patterns for your molds? They are some of the best I've seen!

    2. Hi Colleen,
      I bought some from a lady who went out of business and some aren't really molds for wax but work just the same.

  7. Hi Karen! Looks like your show will be fabulous. Your neighbors definitely made lemons into lemonade and the street ended up being a beautiful venue. We just moved to Kentucky a few weeks ago, so no show for me and no running into you at Elkhorn or Fireside, lol. Jane

  8. I always wish I could attend your show; you have the cutest things. I, too, am wishing for fall and relief from these high temps and the awful humidity. I have started to toss my annuals as they are looking dried out. I have a wooden pumpkin/crow on my front door, and a pumpkin table runner on the dining room table. Autumn is so short; I'm bringing it in early.


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