Sunday, April 24, 2011

TV, Cancellations, Winning, Dinner

Such a mixed up heading!
But that’s what this week has been – besides the weather being crappy the beginning of the week and causing our ‘first’ of 5 golf lessons to be cancelled there has been a lot going on.
We signed up for a series of 5 lessons to hopefully help me with my golf – I can’t say I’m a ‘golfer’ yet – I’ve gone several times the last couple years but nothing has changed for the better. I swing, sometimes I hit the ball, sometimes I score decent…most times I score lousy. So it’s time to get some help.
Hopefully this Monday it will be nice weather so it’s not called off again.
Doug is taking the lessons right along with me to see just what they are teaching me and also he said the lessons would not hurt him either.

The rest of the week was as lousy as the weather….our TV decided to die, and in our house there has to be a TV – I personally can live without one but there is someone else here that ‘needs his TV’.
That was Wednesday night it happened so Thursday he went and purchased a new one….same size as the old one – Panasonic, 50 inch Plasma with 3D – although the 3D was not what we wanted but it came in the TV – and the extras the TV has is incredible.

Old TV on floor (well, it’s not really old in my mind – 6 years old I personally think it should have more life than that)
Old TV 1

Brett helping get it hooked up
New TV

Basically it works – at least it looks like it works doesn’t it???
It works
But…it really didn’t work properly….the darned thing was blurry so Saturday our other son came over early before our family Easter dinner and helped Doug take it back and they gave us a different one – this one is perfect…FINALLY

So on to something fun….I won a darling Chick from Brenda from 
She drew my name in her last Give A-Way! THANK YOU BRENDA
She does such wonderful work…I’m always in awe at the quality of her products.
Box 3

My Lola had to check her out too!
Look at the Pipe Cleaner feet on this little darling…too cute.
Chick 1

Last night we had our family Easter Dinner here.
Everyone had plans for today so it worked out great this way.
Family at table

Alexandra our oldest granddaughter brought her boyfriend, Tyler, along.
She had gone into O'Hare earlier yesterday to pick him up for his 3 weeks home form the Air Force. Aren’t they cute???
Alex and Tyler

This was the middle of January when she flew down to San Antonio, TX while he was in basics.
Alex and Tyler

Here they are in September at my nephew’s wedding…what a difference 6 months and the ‘service’ does to a young man!
Alex and Tyler 

Speaking of Alex…She turns 18 next month and graduates in June. These are a few shots for graduation pictures, but she didn’t choose any of these – guess I’m going to have to wait until June to find out.
Alex 6   Alex by fence
Alex  Alex 2

Alex 3

Guess I didn’t leave anything out of this post – it sure is long enough - I haven’t been on for quite awhile and had lots to catch up on.

Hope you all are enjoying your Easter holiday!