Tuesday, September 17, 2019

An expensive week!

Do you have times like this when $$'s just fly out the door?
Well that was us!!
Our oven decided to stop working and when the service man told us what the part and labor would cost plus what we were paying for this visit we decided to just buy a new one. The cost would have been over $550 total so we just added another $100 and got a fantastic gas range/oven.  Always loved white but being we were changing and not sure how long we'll be living here we decided on stainless.
I seriously miss my flat surface for more things than cooking.  It was a substitute ironing space when I worked on my projects and a quick go over of some things to wear - it also held all my baking when it came out of the oven, like racks of cookies, etc.
Now I have to load up the counters with things but that's fine...baking is not high on my list these days anyway (don't need all those sweets!)
This particular style # by Samsung had the best consumer rating so that's what we bought. Very high BTU's on the burners so very happy for that and the oven has a 'dehydrator' mode....LOVE THAT. Used it a couple times already.  Oh and a 'proofing' setting.  LOVE THAT too! There's a griddle that fits over the center one.
I forgot to mention - it was just the oven that quit working - broiler still works and the burners...isn't that horrible to have a part cost that much?

I forgot to mention that Doug didn't care for the white microwave so he bought us a new stainless one...glad he did because as you can see by the second picture how unmatched it really did look.

Then on Saturday Doug finally bought his long desired 36" griddle!

He's seasoning it here (that's why the smoke)

He made 3 meals on it already - this is the first one.
Ham and hashbrowns!

Before we bought the griddle though we went to a flea market specifically to buy our mums - they have the best around and the prices are very reasonable.
We got these quite large ones 3/$40 ($13.33 each, can't beat that price for the size of them)
When we buy all our pumpkins and smaller mums next week we'll take those hangers off and put them where they belong.

That's all for this week
If you are in our area don't forget our In-Home Craft Show on Oct. 5th!!!



  1. I switched from a gas stove to a flat, ceramic top electric stove nine years ago..I'm not so sure I like electric, the the surface is so much easier to clean. I have all stainless steel appliance now and I love them! I wish I was in your area, Karen! I would be first in line for your home show!!! Take care!

  2. Huge mums, great price. We have a smooth cooktop and I love the cleanup, but have a hard time controlling the heat, takes forever to change heat levels. I wanted gas but not sure about having to remove grates to clean. Never a happy medium with me.

  3. I would love to have a gas stove, but it would mean re-plumbing the kitchen and going to propane and an outdoor tank. More money and trouble than it would be worth! The only thing I like about my flat ceramic cook top is that it's much easier to clean up after a pot boils over.

  4. Your new stove and microwave look great!! I hope you cook up some yummy comfort foods with the cooler temps on the way. That griddle is awesome and his ham meal looks divine!

  5. What a good deal on the mums. I love that they are not yet full of tired blooms. I'm having trouble finding ones that still have life to go in them. Your new stove looks super too bad you had to buy it when so many things were still working. By the way, I still have one of your lovely swags of gourds on my pie safe doors. I think it is at least 2 years old!! I still love it!!

  6. awesome mums! and what a beautiful stove/micro!

  7. How do you like the microwave above the stove? We're building a house in the coming year and I will have much less counter space than I do right now--so the microwave will have to tuck up over the stove.

    Congrats on the griddle--I'd love to have it to cook steaks on!

  8. Karen, The January 2020 issue of Country Sampler magazine appeared in my mailbox today and as I was paging through the delightful eye candy...there you were, Karen & Doug! How wonderful to see you, Doug and your beautiful home in one of my favorite magazines! xxoo


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