Monday, September 2, 2019


Time is growing short till the Oct. 5th show.
I have been working non stop making more merchandise.
This week it was hand drawn gift tags and leaf/fruit wreaths among other things.

Our face pumpkins called
'The Rejects'
were so much fun to make - I made over a dozen a few weeks ago
and then last week a few more, plus some plain ones.
The ones that don't sell at the show will be posted here and on my
business FB page so if you want one speak fast
when they are posted because they will go fast.

Just a few of the finished products

I will be taking orders for these gift tags as of now.
Email me if you want to order.
Click on the sheep on the right side of page.
They will be available after our Oct. 5th show.
The 8 Snowmen/Christmas are 8/$16 plus shipping
The Willow Tree and Pineapple are $2 each plus shipping.
These are my designs that I draw freehand and paint.
No rubber stamps used!!!

There is soooo  much more than what I'm showing here!!!
Oh and don't forget all our wonderful
Gourd Garlands!

If you live close enough to attend our show here's the information.
It's not your 'granny's craft show with
crocheted doilies, dish cloths, jewelry...none of that!!!


  1. Holy pumpkins you've been busy!! We attended an in house show every year of an artist and invited crafters. No where to park on her street there were so many attendees. I wish it didn't end years ago but after 20 years without incident, many of her personal possessions were stolen the final three years. I'm sure your show will go well and be a great success with all those goodies!

  2. Wow! Your goodies are so wonderful! You have been busy! Love the funny faced green pumpkins and all his friends. Best of luck on your show. I'm sure your customers will many!

  3. Wow, what beautiful treats you have for the show. No, certainly not someone's granny's craft show. Well, not unless Granny was really cool. I wish y'all a great show. Judy


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