Monday, November 18, 2019

A little of this/A little of that

I haven't really had much free time since our Oct. 5th show
so I'll share some pictures with you.
We sold pretty much everything and what didn't sell was purchased by a customer in Florida.
What little is left really doesn't matter except there are 5 gourd garlands that will
probably be held over till next year now.

A dear dear friend always lets us come out to their property and get whatever we need to decorate with.
We always get lots of wonderful wild grapevines to weave in between the fence pickets.

Here's all that is left of 30 assorted gourd garlands

We had a drawing for one of my original 'face' pumpkins
And the winner was....JANINE OLDENBURG - Congratulations!

One reason I haven't been able to get a post done is because I've been teaching classes on
Wednesdays and Saturdays here at the house.
Two classes were for my framed Feather Tree punch needle

And the other was for my wool Christmas tree.

The end of October Doug and felt we needed a break after building up to the show,
then the show, then outside orders to get out so we took a short road trip.
First to Colonial Williamsburg. We never get tired of visiting there. Such and interesting place to visit.
Plus we went out to Jamestown Settlement and that in itself is awesome!

We were there over Halloween - while we were eating dinner that evening at the Sheilds Tavern
the kids were gathering outside for Trick-or-Treating in the village.
The kids started lining up at 5...this is just a smidgen amount of kids that was amazing what CW did for these kids.  All dwellings along the main street gave out candy that was furnished by Mars candy.  Didn't get good pictures of the hoards of kids..these don't tell near the amount.
They estimated over 600 each evening (and it was for 2 nights).

The entire village was full of these fun spooky skeleton characters!

In front of each dwelling there was a burn pot filled with wood, 
when it got dark they lit them! 

Left there and headed north and stopped in Annapolis, MD for a bit.
Lots of great shops and wonderful eats to say nothing of the charm!
See the water at the end?  The Naval Academy is at the end of the block and around the corner.

When we left Annapolis we headed up to Lancaster, PA to a few wholesale shops and
to the October wholesale show in Oaks, lots of HANDMADE goodies
for next years home show to add to our handmades.
We got to spend a day and a half with our cousins that live there so that was enjoyable.
The colors were very pretty in Lancaster - not as brilliant as we had hoped but still very pretty.
One scene we never tire seeing are the Amish and the beautiful covered bridges

Well I know this was a long post and a picture overload but
I was behind a month in posting so you got it all at once.

P.S. We were honored again to have our home appear in the upcoming January 2020 issue of Country Sampler. We haven't seen the issue yet but several people have been messaging and emailing telling us they saw sad our issues have not arrived yet. Soon though I hope!
The first time was May 2009 so we were so
humbled when they asked us to be in it again.


  1. Wow. A lot of merchandise!! You've been so busy but it must feel good to know that your items are so well liked.

    Love those colonial homes. Will have to look for yours in the new issue. Congrats!!

  2. beautiful post my friend!!!!
    cannot wait for my issue to arrive now <3

  3. Wonderful post! Glad you were able to take a break. We have been to Colonial Williamsburg once and loved it. I hope we can go back someday!

  4. What a wonderful post!! I love living in the PNW but whenever I see one of your blogs I yearn for the Eastern part of this country. I would have so loved the show at your home!!! I do still have my gourd swag that I got from you a few years ago. It stays out all year!! Halloween is my favorite and what a treat to see photos of CW. Thank you!

  5. Lovely post. Your road trip sounds wonderful !!

  6. All your goodies look so wonderful! It's no wonder there was little left after the show!.Three of my favorites place...Williamsburg, Annapolis and Lancaster. What a great trip that must have been. Looking forward to seeing your lovely home in Country Sampler. You sure have been busy!

  7. Hi Karen! Glad to hear you and Doug are doing well. Laughed at the Halloween line up of children picture. We live on a Halloween-friendly street. Weather in Reedsburg that night was mid 30s, windy, and freezing cold. Snow on the pumpkins even. We still managed 422 trick-or-treaters that night! I said there were some major hardy trick-or-treaters in south central Wisconsin!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Congratulations on a successful show. All of the decor is beautiful, as always. 'Especially love those white tin-punched cans. I have always wanted to visit Colonial Williamsburg. The photos make me want to visit for sure now. Congratulations on being featured in Country Sampler again.


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