Sunday, December 1, 2019


As I mentioned in my last post we were honored again
to be in the COUNTRY SAMPLER magazine.
We finally received our copy and were delighted with such a nice write up...Bill Mathews always does such a great job with his camera and his 'eye for detail' of a kind. And Pilar Simon the stylist is always so much fun to work with.

The first pictures are of the photo shoot - they sure do tear up a room just to get one shot!
It's so much fun to watch them and see how many shots they do take of one little thing...
never less than 5-8 shots to get one good one.

So as you can see - with much love they 'nicely destroy' your home LOL
And here's the end result!!

The only thing that confused us was that they removed the one chair that was
angled at the fireplace and they replaced it with a measly linen rack that kind of
looked puny...but other than that it was wonderful.

Thank you everyone for following my blog(s)
Blessings to all


  1. Congrats, and wow at the cameras! In college (design theatre major), we learned just what all goes into a photo shoot and television as well. So much work for a magazine or television, but all worth every minute. Your home is immaculate.

  2. I loved the photos of your gorgeous home, Karen. One of my favorite issues of Country Sampler... Lot's of hard work went into making your home beautiful as well as the photo shoot... Excellent! Renee

  3. I received my magazine on Friday and I recognized you right away. I showed my husband and said “I know her!” 😂😂😂

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos! Beautiful home!

  5. Pretty as always! And such fun too!

  6. What a fun post! Behind the scenes is fascinating. :~) Congrats on another feature. I might have to buy this issue just for your article.

  7. Hi Karen....Picked up this magazine yesterday just so I could see your beautiful home. Congrats!


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